to surf the web

Idiom Definition

"to surf the web"

to visit many different pages on the Internet (World Wide Web)

Idiom Definition - to surf the web


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to surf the web

Two students are talking ...

Student 1:  Have you finished writing your term paper?

Student 2:  No.  I'm only about half finished.

Student 1:  What's the problem?

Student 2:  I can't seem to find enough information for my topic.

Student 1:  Have you tried looking on the Interweb?

Student 2:  I surfed the web for a couple of hours yesterday and couldn't really find anything useful.

Student 1:  I suppose you should head over to the library then.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to surf the web

Two friends are talking on the phone ...

Friend 1:  What are you doing?

Friend 2:  Not much.  I'm just surfing the web.

Friend 1:  What are you looking for?

Friend 2:  Nothing in particular, just looking at random pages.

Friend 1:  Let's get together then.

Friend 2:  Alright.  Come over for coffee.

Friend 1:  See you soon.

to surf the web - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,444   click for frequency by country

to surf the web - Gerund Form:

Surfing the web can be a fun and interesting diversion.

to surf the web - Examples:

1)  The iPad was already a great family device, the perfect way to surf the web on your couch.

2)  Most people surf the web and use social networks for 90% of their computer usage.

3)  I am out running so many errands that I barely have time to leisurely surf the web.

4)  This phone can make calls and surf the web simultaneously?

5)  Excellent for people that like to work or surf the web while their significant other is sleeping.

6)  Of course I haven't slept a wink all night but something made me surf the web and I found this blog.

7)  With my left monitor I have a nice auxiliary surface where I can surf the web, open email, use textpad, etc.

8)  I can play other games, my ping is great, and I can surf the web with no problem.

9)  I got considerably less battery life when just using it to write and surf the web

10)  A typical consumer today uses multiple devices to surf the web and interact in many ways with your business.

11)  Indeed. And you're just a random commenter surfing the web, aren't you, James? 

12)  Nowadays, scrolling has become a natural practice in surfing the web.

13)  Problem: there are bound to be some changes, as surfing the Web is a skill and skills alter brains.

14)  Ten minutes here and there that would otherwise be spent surfing the web or reading a magazine can add up quickly.

15)  I just stumbled upon your blog the other day while surfing the web.

16)  More specifically, we chatted for a few hours, surfed the web for an hour or so, sent a few dozen angry text messages.

17)  I researched my archive and surfed the web to compile some of the most interesting customs and characteristics.

18)  Then I surfed the web looking for some information and I found this excellent site.

19)  I also successfully surfed the web for results from elsewhere.

20)  I surfed the web, and could not find much on the subject.