(to be) swamped

Idiom Definition

"to be swamped"

to be overwhelmed with a great amount of work;

to be overwhelmed with a great many obligations;

to be overwhelmed by people (or animals)

Idiom Definition - to be swamped


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to be swamped

Michelle is a woman of means.  As a result, she is no stranger to hard work.  Today, Michelle has eight sales appointments, three reports to write and five interviews to conduct.  This is far more work than usual for Michelle.

You could say that Michelle is swamped with work today.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to be swamped

A famous actor ate supper at his favorite restaurant yesterday.  After he finished his supper, the actor left the restaurant to go home.  Unfortunately, his fans discovered that he was at the restaurant.  The actor's fans arrived by the hundreds to get autographs and photographs.

The actor was swamped by his fans when he left the restaurant.


to be swamped - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,241   click for frequency by country

to be swamped - Gerund Form:

Being swamped with work can be a stressful experience.

to be swamped - Examples:

1)  No doubt in the coming weeks they will be extra swamped for requests for diapers and other essential supplies.

2)  She's standing there. Just utterly swamped. Lost.

3)  One Direction were swamped by thousands of fans yesterday afternoon as they performed on the Today show.

4)  American allies as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Jordan -- could be swamped with displaced persons. 

5)  I have someone in there who posts manically and the level of his comments has swamped my ability to even find comments in moderation by others.

6)  I know you've been swamped with information and suggestions.

7)  I think the Internet has crippled the job market. Employers are swamped the moment an opening goes online.

8)  I'm afraid I'm swamped with work.

9)  The more Web traffic transfers to mobile the more bandwidth is going to be swamped anyway.

10) If you want to stop the greed and mess that we are swamped with... wake up and understand that we are on a shared planet. 

11)  I will be MIA here for a while -- swamped with other stuff that must be done.

12)  I think that Obama will do better in the town hall format but will be swamped in the final debate again.

13)  I bet Ellison and Grijalva are swamped with media requests.

14)  I haven't been stressing about replying to comments, but I am swamped with emails again, so we will see how that goes.

15)  When I'm less swamped with university, I'll be volunteering with OTW in order to learn coding.

16)  If you really are smarter or better-spoken, they may be swamped by emotions of insecurity that make it hard to think.

17)  The moment I get swamped with more emails than I can handle, I will remove this rare bonus.

18)  Within seconds of him closing the door, male patients swamped the glass window to stare in at me.

19)  Maybe you're too swamped with business responsibilities to dedicate the necessary time to your website's SEO.

20)  It's a much more involved and slower process and has a throughput that was swamped by the volumes at the time such that an 11 week back up developed.