to sweat blood

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - sweat blood

"to sweat blood"

to expend a great deal of effort;

to work very, very hard


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - sweat blood

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: Are you going to have that presentation ready on time?

Colleague 2: I have been sweating blood for the last three days working on it. I have been spending fourteen hours a day on it. Last night, I stayed at the office and worked some more. Yes it is going to be ready on time.

Colleague 1: Let's hope your extremely hard work pays off and the presentation makes the sale for the company.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - sweat blood

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: How was your weekend getaway with your wife?

Friend 2: Fantastic, but tiring. We thought that it would be no problem to hike to the top of Mount X in a day but it was far more difficult than we expected. There were some really steep rock faces and a number of crevasses that needed to be detoured around. After toiling for more than twelve hours, we finally arrived at the summit.

Friend 1: I hope that after having sweat blood like that that the view was worth it?

Friend 2: Definitely worth the effort. The view was absolutely spectacular especially as we arrived just at sunset. But I can tell you that the next day, we were totally sore and exhausted.

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to sweat blood - Usage:


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to sweat blood - Gerund Form:

Sweating blood for three solid days, she worked like mad to finish the project on time.

to sweat blood - Examples:

1)  ... was simply intolerable to him. It offended his Scotch sense of waste. Why sweat blood for an hour with only defeat at the end?

2)  ... genuinely cool to be independent? Are we to have more respect for artists who sweat blood to get their music heard as opposed to those who have teams of professionals ...

3)  ... gets enthused by it, they'll read your sample chapters. Consequently you should sweat blood over this thing, and take every care over it that you took over ...

4)  I always ask the question would our team today be able to go out and sweat blood, fight for the whole 90 mins to beat a vastly superior team like ...

5)  It all comes down to who is willing to sweat blood and tears to prove they want it.

6)  ... or we can learn new skills and sweat blood and tears to get ourselves out of the ditch we may find ourselves in.

7)  ... man armed with a hammer and chisel! Between 1923 and 1951, Edward Leedskalnin sweat blood and tears single-handedly carving 1,100 tonnes of coral rock into the attraction that it ...

8)  ... and so has the Singaporeans who sweat blood and toil to help us succeed.

9)  It is about the rest of us who sweat blood so that we can provide for our families, educate our children, and ...

10)  Thanks to people like you millions of women that have to sweat blood in this life to archive something and that have actually suffered real horrors are ...

11)  My contractor sweated blood turning my messy concept into a beautifully coded reality.

12)  I spend 10 on an album, that an artist may have sweat blood to produce, and then I pay it scant attention while I chop onions.

13)  I had to change it so many times that I felt like I had sweat blood and tears. But at least, I did earn my first byline.

14)  They've bitten tongue, taken the lashes, bided time, sweated blood, tried, cried and kept trying.

15)  ... planning have stressed the importance of such statements and many boards and management teams have sweated blood over their development.

16)  ... had done it by themselves, and for the most part they seemed to have sweat blood when dealing with the immigration department.

17)  My actuarial skills, a qualification for which I sweated blood, turned out to be of very little assistance for the most part.

18)  A true patriot willingly sweats blood, To build up the best nation. He will sacrifice comfort and self ...

19)  Gary had to work day and night to keep his large family in food and clothing. He sweat blood for them.

20)  There's no point in sweating blood for some people. They'll never be happy no matter how hard you try.