to take a back seat

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - take a back seat

"to take a back seat"

to occupy an inferior position


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - take a back seat

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I am not sure I understand why you let Suzanne do most of the talking when she presented your joint idea.

Colleague 2:  I was fine taking a back seat. Suzanne needs the exposure and practice.

Colleague 1:  Are you not worried about seeming inferior?

Colleague 2:  Not at all. Everyone knows the idea is a collaboration. I have a proven track record.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - take a back seat

A couple are talking ...

Wife:  Honey. I am pregnant.

Husband:  Wow. That's amazing. I guess our vacation plans will have to take a back seat to getting a nursery ready.

Wife:  Well, there is only so much money and getting ready for a baby is more important than going on vacation.

Husband:  Maybe we can think about a vacation in a couple of years.

to take a back seat - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,661   click for frequency by country

to take a back seat - Gerund Form:

Taking a back seat to a colleague at an important meeting shows humility.

to take a back seat - Examples:

1)  ... performers and whom the crowd loved to cheer on were forced to take a back seat in favour of those who the authorities wanted to push.

2)  Non-urgent surgeries take a back seat.

3)  Cocktail dresses and evening gowns, take a back seat. The tuxedo dress is currently in vogue.

4)  ... there are times when it seems as if Stith has decided to take a back seat to allow the machines move front stage.

5)  ... but his leadership style is to take a back seat to his staff.

6)  ... the company's plans to introduce the performance motorcycle range has taken a back seat as the two wheeler maker wants to concentrate on its expansion plans.

7)  However, self-love has taken a back seat in her life since her daughter's birth.

8)  ... is a social media consultant whose singing ambitions have taken a back seat due to labyrinthitis, an inner ear disorder.

9)  In a world full of technology, the piano has taken a back seat when it comes to home entertainment.

10)  Now, that debate has taken a back seat to recent issues.

11)  Moyes takes a back seat as Robbie Stockdale takes control of Sunderland for EFL Trophy opener at ...

12)  Innovation, Carrol says, takes a back seat when you're working with taxpayer dollars. 

13)  ... so when time is tight writing takes a back seat.

14)  ... through the first days and weeks when the business of day-to-day life takes a back seat to grief.

15)  ... care of a house and kids, taking care of yourself often takes a back seat to other business.

16)  ... is there somewhere, taking a back seat and trailing his rival ...

17)  ... that she was happy taking a back seat and letting the lead characters shine. 

18)  ... a heavy emphasis on visuals (with things like script coherence often taking a back seat), ...

19)  ... which later led to a number of legislators taking a back seat and leaving everything in the hands of the hired experts.

20)  And, for now, classic white-linen service is taking a back seat to more casual eateries.