to take a breather

Idiom Definition

"to take a breather"

to stop doing something and assess the situation and/or rest

Idiom Definition - to take a breather


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to take a breather

Two businessmen have been working very hard on a project for six straight hours ...

Businessman 1: How much of the project have we got finished?

Businessman 2:  I'm not sure.

Businessman 1:  Are we accomplishing the task we are supposed to be accomplishing?

Businessman 2: Again, I'm not sure.

Businessman 1: Let's take a breather.

Businessman 2: Good idea.  Then we can have a little rest and assess our progress and see if we are on the right track.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to take a breather

Two friends are hiking up a mountain ...

Friend 1:  How long have we been climbing?

Friend 2:  About two hours.

Friend 1:  I'm getting a little tired and thirsty.

Friend 2: Do you want to take a breather?

Friend 1: A little rest and some water would be good, yes.

to take a breather - Usage:


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to take a breather - Gerund Form:

Taking a breather can be a great method for avoiding mistakes.

to take a breather - Examples:

1)  I'm exhausted. A glass of wine sits with me while I take a breather.

2)  Stepping back is normal. Take a breather. Slow down.

3)  Do what anyone does when they take a breather - relax, regroup, recharge and reconsider your plan of action.

4)  I think we need to stop and take a breather.

5)  Too stressed out and not motivated at all. What I do is take a breather, something to make me feel better.

6)  There's absolutely no doubt in my mind that we need to take a breather, step back, and slow down once in a while.

7)  That's when I pull back and decide to let my writing take a breather, while I catch up on other things.

8)  Take a breather and come back when you've rested, reflected and recharged.

9)  I need to walk away from that situation. Just take a breather and realize some of the positive things that I do in my life.

10)  It was a nice way to squeeze in some exercise and to take a breather from my computer, too.

11)  I had to stop reading, put the book down and take a breather.

12)  In fact, the company's share price might take a breather for a while and trade either flat or downwards.

13)  Farther down the street was a bus stop bench where he could take a breather.

14)  If its a big series I might take a breather with another smaller lighter book or two to keep it fresh.

15)  Yes, there will be times you take a breather, and sit out for a few plays.

16)  But most importantly, you need to take a breather, decompress and hit your reset button.

17)  Glad to know that you force yourself to take a breather, it is important to keep your sanity that way.

18)  This coming week might be that perfect time to take a breather as the kids head back to school and routines start to kick in again.

19)  Dr. Stephen Covey resists this busy-ness compulsion, and suggests that we take a breather and evaluate every aspect of our day.

20)  Your blood pressure is rising. Just stop. Take a breather. Even go for a walk, or grab a drink.