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to take a crap

Idiom Definition

"to take a crap"

to defecate

Idiom Definition - to take a crap


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to take a crap

Two teenage boys are talking ...

Teen 1: What's the matter with you?

Teen 2: My stomach is very sore.

Teen 1: Maybe you shouldn't have eaten all those tacos.

Teen 2: I think I need to hit the head.

Teen 1: Whatever! Go take a crap already.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to take a crap

A man is consulting his doctor ...

Doctor: What seems to be the problem?

Man: I haven't taken a crap in five days.

Doctor: Pardon me?

Man: I haven't had a bowel movement in five days.

Doctor: I understand. Take off your pants and let's have a look.

to take a crap - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   87   click for frequency by country

to take a crap - Gerund Form:

Taking a crap can make a person feel a lot better.

to take a crap - Examples:

1) You can take a crap in Australia without having to pay for it.  

2)  That's eight whole hours to take a crap on your own, talk to big people and drink HOT damn coffee.

3)  I'll take a crap and it will be normal, then a few hours later it's diarrhea again.

4)  It wasn't only villagers who would take a crap on the beach.

5)  The last things you remember are sitting down to take a crap then your buddies laughing you awake when you pass out.

6)  This is the sign of someone who can take a crap on virtually anyone and sleep like a baby- a near sociopath.

7)  I want business so regulated that scum bag CEO can't take a crap w/o permission.

8)  Soon he'll have cameras in your house watching you take a crap so he can see what brand of toilet paper you use.

9)  You may not, at any time take a crap on your neighbour. 

10)  I never understood the impetus to take a crap on Carter.

11)  Have a neighbor who votes for Obama? You could take a crap on their lawn.

12) She can't take a crap and wipe without asking Cody for help. 

13)  But you're certainly happy to take a crap on all women everywhere, with hideous, disgusting misogyny.

14)  Even a bear has innate hard wiring that informs it not to take a crap in the den where it lives.

15)  If the freak told the re-thug zombies in the audience that he was going to take a crap they would form a line to wipe his ass.

16)  I am tired of being polite to you. You come in, take a crap on the site, and wonder why folks don't welcome you with open arms.

17)  Birds read minds! thats why it took a crap on your hat.

18)  Some disgruntled Fox News employee is writing about the time Bill O'Reilly took a crap next to him.

19)  If your dog Cletus just took a crap on cousin Ned's shoe, then update your status by all means.

20)  You have to master the art of making stupid noises-- Practice these while taking a crap.