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to take a leak

Idiom Definition

"to take a leak"

to urinate

Idiom Definition - to take a leak


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to take a leak

Two mothers are talking ...

Mom 1: Do you suppose that we should be giving the kids all this soda pop?

Mom 2: We don't do it all the time. This is a special occasion.

Mom 1: I suppose you're right. What's the matter with Sally?

Mom 2: I think she needs to take a leak.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to take a leak

Two friends are talking at their local drinking establishment ...

Friend 1: Wow! I really need to use the bathroom.

Friend 2: Is that so? How many beer have you had?

Friend 1: I think around six or so since the last time I went to the washroom.

Friend 2: Then you should take a leak.

to take a leak - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   146   click for frequency by country

to take a leak - Gerund Form:

Taking a leak relieves the bladder.

to take a leak - Examples:

1)  I did a runner to get a drink and take a leak.

2)  It's like walking in to the toilet to take a leak and finding Alan Jones standing there, waiting. It just makes you angry.

3)  They may be smarter than me but I can stand up when I take a leak.

4)  In my confusion to get home I had forgotten to take a leak myself and out of the blue my bladders felt heavy.

5)  You were screwed if you had to take a leak. And most people didn't want to give up their viewing spots.

6)  Of course we both had to take a leak, more than once.

7)  I find it hard to justify paying for the privilege to take a leak.

8)  I got a bit uncomfortable with the way she was watching me take a leak, I took my eyes off her before I finished urinating.

9) It's quite common to take a leak in an alley. 

10)  He approached them and said if they wanted to take a leak, perhaps they could go and use the empty car park around the corner.

11)  It's like paying an entrance fee to take a leak at a public comfort room which is poorly-maintained and never been cleaned.

12)  Even though I needed to take a leak, I held everything back as it was time to visit Magellan's Cross.

13)  Another solitary car pulled up, with the driver lazily getting out to take a leak into the water before strolling back to his vehicle.

14)  I'm getting tired of pulling over to take a leak because I'm always in such a rush to get somewhere.

15)  It lets you grill and drink and take a leak in the bushes after a few too many.

16)  Need to take a leak before we go?

17)  I wouldn't want to watch someone take a leak in a can at my next table.

18)  Judging from that famous picture, he just needed to take a leak.

19)  I went in to take a leak, and had to use the urinal.

20)  I'm here to argue that, besides allowing me to go take a leak, it could really bring something new and interesting to the art form.