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to take a pee

Idiom Definition

"to take a pee"

to urinate

Idiom Definition - to take a pee


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to take a pee

Two mothers are talking ...

Mom 1: Do you suppose that we should be giving the kids all this soda pop?

Mom 2: We don't do it all the time. This is a special occasion.

Mom 1: I suppose you're right. What's the matter with Sally?

Mom 2: I think she needs to take a pee.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to take a pee

Two friends are talking at their local drinking establishment ...

Friend 1: Wow! I really need to use the bathroom.

Friend 2: Is that so? How many beer have you had?

Friend 1: I think around six or so since the last time I went to the washroom.

Friend 2: Then you should take a pee.

to take a pee - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   55   click for frequency by country

to take a pee - Gerund Form:

Taking a pee relieves the bladder.

to take a pee - Examples:

1)  In the middle of the night I'd go and take a pee, and on the bathroom floor would be a magazine.

2)  I don't have to stop my journey to take a pee.

3)  I get out of the bed and take a pee into the dark blue swirling toilet bowl.

4) He walked into the back of it to take a pee, only to realise he was standing on a patch of overhanging snow. 

5)  I didn't nearly die of shame every time I had to take a pee.

6)  The ONLY time we got out the car was to take a pee break at KFC and ask for directions.

7)  Excuse me, need to take a pee.

8)  At the middle of my sleep I woke up to take a pee but when I am trying to get back to sleep I couldn't anymore.

9)  Joe stopped to take a pee on a tree.

10)  I am going to take a pee inside the nearest PS3.

11)  I was afraid to go take a pee break until I remembered I had a DVR!

12) We stopped on the shoulder of the road to take a pee break. 

13)  He decided to take a pee and yet there were thirsty cows nearby.

14) The minister of local affairs is so careful he won't even take a pee if the toilet hasn't been checked by security forces six times 

15)  Is it too early to take a pee on the stick test?

16)  She takes a pee when urination is necessary.

17)  Your dog is taking a pee on that tree.

18)  He has been taking pees all morning since drinking all that coffee.

19)  Did you take a pee shortly after getting up this morning?

20)  Your dog was taking a pee when the other dog approached it.