to take a seat

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - take a seat

"to take a seat"

to sit down;

to become seated;

to sit


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - take a seat

Two executives are chatting outside a meeting room ...

Executive 1:  Have you seen Susan?

Executive 2:  I think she's already gone into the meeting room.

Executive 1:  Oh, yes, I see her.  She's already taken her seat.

Executive 2:  I suppose that we'd better go in and sit down, too.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - take a seat

An person is boarding an airplane ...

Traveller:  Is this my seat?

Flight Attendant:  Let me check your ticket please.

Traveller:  Here you go.

Flight Attendant:  Yes, sir, this is yours. Please take a seat.

to take a seat - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,424   click for frequency by country

to take a seat - Gerund Form:

Taking a seat before a movie begins is customary.

to take a seat - Examples:

1)  He came back holding a sheet of paper and asked me to take a seat to fill out the information.

2)  Explore the rest of the old town and take a seat at a cafe or along one of the beaches.

3)  Have your child take a seat in his room without any kind of stimulation around like music or a computer.

4)  I take a seat near the window. I always liked the window.

5)  First we'd look for a train in the distance and take a seat on the trail. 

6)  I regretted not taking a seat in the stalls, 20 rows from the front.

7)  I then walk up the stairs and straight into her bedroom, taking a seat in the corner.

8)  Taking a seat in the freezing station coffee shop, two locals have come to meet me.

9)  The town reeve entered and crossed over to her, taking a seat across the table.

10)  Taking a seat on the stool he, adjusted the strap of the guitar.

11)  Rory takes a seat on the couch to prep his camera for an interview.

12)  Kepley takes a seat in his living room and uses a remote to turn off his stereo.

13)  The attractive barmaid takes a seat and chats to us.

14)  She soon takes a seat on the couch and begins flipping through a fashion mag.

15)  He takes a seat at the counter and at least twice looks down at Tony.

16)  Ernest had scarcely taken a seat when the telephone bell rang.

17)  He said all this before he had taken a seat.

18)  Our conversation was traded between rows, as I had instinctively taken a seat behind her, rather than next to her.

19)  She laughed at him then took a seat on the sofa with the cat.

20)  I left Dan on the patio while I took a seat on the bed.