to take a shine to

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - take a shine to

"to take a shine to"

to immediately or spontaneously like or be attracted to


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - take a shine to

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: I see the boss is spending a lot of time with the new intern. I also notice that the new intern is getting the best assignments. It seems like the boss really likes the new intern.

Colleague 2: Yes. The boss has taken quite a shine to the new recruit.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - take a shine to

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: Who would have thought it. It's not like we arranged it or anything but bringing Sam and Kim together worked out really well. Kim seems to really like Sam. She was hanging on her every word and asked her to stay a little longer when she said she had to go. I don't think I have ever seen Kim like someone so quickly. It usually takes her a little longer to warm-up to someone.

Friend 2: Kim really took a shine to Sam. I talked to Sam this morning and she told me that Kim had already called and asked her out on a date.

Friend 1: Good for those two.

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to take a shine to - Usage:


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to take a shine to - Gerund Form:

Taking a shine to stray dog on sight, she took it home with her.

to take a shine to - Examples:

1)  He wasn't a one person dog but if he took a shine to you it was a special experience.

2)  She immediately took a shine to me. We would talk on the phone for hours.

3)  Fortunately, it felt natural being around the children and I took a shine to all of them. I learned so much about the classroom setting and how ...

4)  ... awareness about pollution's impact on animals in the wild but smitten Jango took a shine to the old banger and now treats it like a mate.

5)  The daughter in the hostel where they stayed took a shine to the son but he ignored her.

6)  ... so nervous on my first day but everyone was lovely! And I took a shine to the consultant. I thought he was brilliant he was so nice it made it ...

7)  As the Americans would say, I took a shine to him, almost immediately. It was difficult not to like him.

8)  Sound-wise, I quickly took a shine to the player's assured and eager presentation.

9)  After completing his basic training, he took a shine to electronics, so he started a four-year 'on course' trade.

10)  One of the little girls took a shine to Winston and didn't want him to leave! 

11)  Not to mention the fact that baby Marmaduke has taken a shine to Graham and won't let him out of his sight without shrieking the place ...

12)  But whatever the parallel is, the City's bankers have taken a shine to bees, and are hosting hundreds of thousands of them on their roofs.

13)  When we met up I could tell that Paula had taken a shine to Michael, which was perfect because I fell for David straight away!

14)  Who knows how they learnt to use an iPod, but they have taken a shine to anything shiny.

15)  Once you've taken a shine to one special gentleman, it's time to get a date with him.

16)  Both students and investors have taken a shine to Grand Canyon's business model, which appears to have hit the right balance ...

17)  We've compiled a list of game demos that we've taken a shine to, ranging from big budget, brand name AAA games to quirky, little ...

18)  ... to come across a major producer, director or movie star who will take a shine to them and provide them with that golden opportunity they've spent years waiting for ...

19)  That businessman sure didn't take a shine to you. Are you losing your touch or what?

20)  If a solitary interviewer doesn't take a shine to you, you're sunk, but in a panel, consensus can overrule ...