to take something at face value

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - take at face value

"to take something at face value"

to accept something exactly the way it appears to be, without further investigation


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - take at face value

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: Do you really believe him when he says that he did not cause the problem in the system?

Colleague 2: Sure. Why not?

Colleague 1: Are you just going to take his statement at face value? Do you really trust him that much?

Colleague 2: What should we do?

Colleague 1: Check his story. Let's look at the access logs for the system and see whether he is telling the truth.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - take at face value

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: I went battery shopping for my vehicle yesterday and found a really good deal on a battery. In fact, the warranty is a little hard to believe.

Friend 2: What kind of warranty does it carry?

Friend 1: Full replacement if the battery fails within thirty-six months. Do you think I should take it at face value?

Friend 2: Is it a reputable company?

Friend 1: Yes.

Friend 2: Then, yes, I would accept the warranty as valid.

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to take something at face value - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,127   click for frequency by country

to take something at face value - Gerund Form:

Taking the report at face value, the committee approved the suggested changes.

to take something at face value - Examples:

1)  Until demonstrated otherwise, I'm willing to take that at face value because I believe that's the right thing to do.

2)  I am not willing to take polls at face value anymore. I am more interested in connecting the polls to history and the long-run ...

3)  ... don't believe everything you see or read: or take it at face value.

4)  ... applaud those on either side of the fence who do not take things at face value and dig deeper to verify the claims, but most do not.

5)  When I read a book, I try very hard to take it at face value and not so much compare it to a writers previous works, or to others ...

6)  That I have to be mindful not to take things at face value, to be skeptical, to question my 'gut' reactions. 

7)  ... and doing the analysis yourself as I have. I will take nothing at face value when politics are involved. 

8)  You are asking why people should take her at face value after she's admitted to using a pen name.

9)  Government seems to have taken that at face value and that seems to be the end of the matter. 

10)  If something he said were taken seriously at face value... well, it would be a lie believed.

11)  ... at the other extreme, to assume that nothing can ever be taken at face value, that behind every policy and every official announcement there is a secret plan or ...

12)  ... him as a privileged witness whose recollections and analyses are to be taken at face value, and indeed taken as definitive.

13)  but shouldn't be taken at face value as it is not without bias and also is guilty of some inaccuracies and sometimes ...

14)  Her word was taken at face value because of her past history, and she did not have to provide any supporting documentation.

15)  Thus all Newton's claims of his pro-Unionist stance are taken at face value. But Knight had good reason to embellish his activities. Maybe not falsify, ...

16)  ... be saying that formal statements of affiliation or belief should always be taken at face value. If someone says he's a Christian, there's nothing to discuss: ...

17)  Readers should also be cautious before taking at face value any tax-related or legal advice.

18)  I don't see the point of falling for that and taking it at face value.

19)  I don't speak Spanish, so I'm entirely taking this at face value and could absolutely be wrong about the interpretation or the context.

20)  Now and then every internet user is guilty of taking information at face value without checking up on it.