to take back

Idiom Definition 1

Idiom Definition - take back

"to take back"

to retrieve and regain possession of something


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Idiom Definition 2

Idiom Definition - take back

"to take back"

to return something to some location


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Idiom Definition 3

Idiom Definition - take back

"to take back"

to cause someone to return in thought to a past time


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Idiom Definition 4

Idiom Definition - take back

"to take back"

to retract something written, stated or done


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - take back

A couple are talking ...

Wife:  Has the neighbor returned our lawnmower yet?

Husband:  It's been a week and no, he hasn't.

Wife:  I see their garage door is open and our lawnmower is sitting right by the door.

Husband: I think this is the perfect opportunity to take back our mower.

Wife:  Go and get it.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - take back

A mother and child are talking ...

Mother:  Is that a library book?

Child:  Yes.

Mother:  Is it overdue?

Child:  Yes.

Mother:  Do you think that you should take the book back to the library?

Child:  Yes. I'm going to the library this afternoon. I will return the book then.

Idiom Scenario 3

Idiom Definition - take back

A father and son and talking ...

Son:  I can't imagine how people could live without cell phones.

Father:  There was a time not too long ago when we didn't have cell phones.

Son:  What happened when they were in an emergency situation?

Father:  Let me take you back to when I was a teenager living in the wilderness ...

Son:  I like your stories about the old days.

Idiom Scenario 4

Idiom Definition - take back

A couple are arguing ...

Boyfriend:  You are always such a pain in the neck. Nag. Nag. Nag.

Girlfriend:  What you call nagging, I call reminders to do things.

Boyfriend:  Don't be such a twit.

Girlfriend:  Insults are not necessary. You take that back.

Boyfriend:  You're right.  Excuse me.  You are not a twit.

to take back - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   9,257   click for frequency by country

to take back - Gerund Form:

Taking back the tools you lent a neighbor is satisfying.

Taking back library books before they are due can save you money.

Taking her back to childhood by reminding her of fun at the lake calms her down.

Taking back a nasty comment made in anger is a wise think to do.

to take back - Examples:

1)  Humor lets us laugh at those things that hurt us and take back some of our power.

2)  If you gave an answer you wished you could take back, now is the time to bring it up so the recruiter can potentially clarify ...

3)  I've just done something so much more unconventional. I've refused to take back money that belonged to me.

4)  As consumers we need to take back control of the markets and pricing.

5)  So, in short, that is how I feel, I won't take back anything I wrote.

6)  Lincoln was murdered for taking back the US monetary system from the Fed Reserve. 

7)  We expect people to take a role in government by taking back the power in the citizen-government relationship.

8)  ... in time and correct your mistakes. In chess, this is known as taking back a move, and negates the whole discipline of the game.

9)  Occupy Wall Street is about taking back control of congress from the banks and corporations that have bought it through campaign finance ...

10)  The drug addicted woman plans on taking back her daughter to appease the father.

11)  And when I leave? The employer takes back the corporate owned SIM card.

12)  Someone who takes back a gift is like a dog returning to its own vomit.

13)  The champion of justice was their son, who takes back the ship from the terrorist cult.

14)  What kind of a person, takes back statements after he says them when you a speaking about the county.

15)  Let's hope Obama wins in a landslide, takes back some of what he said about opening up to the Muslim world, manages to ...

16)  Samsung took back the No. 2 spot, while Amazon dropped to No. 3.

17)  His advisers told him that, if he took back his statement, the neoconservative wing of the party wouldn't take his head ...

18)  I went to the enemy's camp and I took back what he stole from me.

19)  So I gave her back the food, took back my money, and childlessly said I was never coming back.

20)  Piggy took back his glasses and looked at the smoke with pleasure.