to take something by storm

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - take something by storm

"to take something by storm"

to be suddenly extremely successful or popular


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - take something by storm

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: We need a big win with this new product. We need it to sell in large quantities and quickly. I would like to see this product become a global phenomenon.

Colleague 2: If we want this new product to take the market by storm, then we need a spectacular launch. We need to spend money on advertising and public relations. We need to create a buzz in the industry. Let's have everyone contact everyone they know and start spreading the word about our revolutionary new product.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - take something by storm

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: If I asked you to name a musical singing group that took the world by storm, what would be the first name you would think of?

Friend 2: Without a doubt, The Beatles. Within a year after their North American debut, they had virtually become a household name. And not just in North America, but around the world, people were listening to and talking about the "Fab Four" from Liverpool, England.

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to take something by storm - Usage:


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to take something by storm - Gerund Form:

Taking the world by storm, The Beatles became, almost instantly, world-famous in the sixties.

to take something by storm - Examples:

1)  With Cruz becoming ultra hot property having taken the world by storm with his US and UK smash hit 'Break Your Heart'. 

2)  GoldenEye 007 in particular is a title that has taken the system by storm, and has been the most-played online game since its release.

3)  Usually cute, often topical, they've taken the web by storm with an average two million hits a day.

4)  Social networking websites have taken the world by storm with millions of internet users from all over the globe regularly logging into their social ...

5)  Its safe to say that BitFenix's Prodigy case has taken the market by storm and is one of the most popular cases on the market today.

6)  ... topped with pretty frosting, cupcakes and everything about them has taken the nation by storm and we just can't get enough of them.

7)  This was all brand new and innovative, and Steamboat Willie took the public by storm. He was the first animated international personality.

8)  The IBM PC took the public by storm, and its success signaled the success of Microsoft. 

9)  After her colossal hit Call Me Maybe took the world by storm, Carly's now at the centre of the musical world. Up for nomination ...

10)  Charity wristbands took the world by storm a few years back, and they're a fad which refuses to fade away.

11)  ... the NHL through the NHL Entry Draft, and these players take the league by storm, setting scoring records, scoring highlight reel goals and making it all look easy.

12)  Twitter has come from relative obscurity to take the world by storm and Google recognises its importance by including it in its 'live' search results.

13)  These emission-less transporters didn't quite take the world by storm but they have become quite popular among tourists on the streets of Paris.

14)  ... distributed digital marketplace where good ideas can come from anywhere and take the world by storm.

15)  ... credit card firm you like. This technology is set to take the world by storm. In as little as a decade, billions of people around the world ...

16)  Granted biotech doesn't seem to be taking the world by storm just yet and when it does there'll be hot talk in the public arena.

17)  The Sam's Club National BBQ Tour has been taking the country by storm since April, pitting grill masters from every region against one in another for a ...

18)  What about creaming the competition? What about taking the market by storm? Well, yes, you do have to be determined in business.

19)  The 'Fifty Shades' phenomenon is currently taking the world by storm. Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll have heard of ...

20)  It appears that the adult onesie is taking the market by storm and with companies drawing up new makes and models all the time.