to take it in stride

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - take it in stride

"to take it in stride"

to adjust to bad fortune;

to take a relaxed attitude towards life and its problems


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - take it in stride

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: OK everyone. It is time for battle stations. There is some big trouble in the market and we need to mobilize. Everyone cancel all their appointments and let's meet in the conference room.

Colleague 2: Hold on a minute. No need to get all excited over normal market fluctuations. Relax and take it in stride. Let's conduct business as usual and watch as the market corrects itself as it always does.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - take it in stride

A couple are talking ...

Wife: This is terrible. What are we going to do? How are we ever going to pay all our bills now that you have lost your job?

Husband: Don't panic. Everything will turn out alright. It always does. I am sure that I will find another job soon. And, besides, we do have some savings for just this sort of circumstance.

Wife: I always admire the way you can just take trouble in stride.

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to take it in stride - Usage:


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to take it in stride - Gerund Form:

Taking it all in stride, we just took whatever life had to give and never complained.

to take it in stride - Examples:

1)  ... however, there was little panic as people seemed to take the attacks in stride -- they had seen it all before.

2)  Adlai seemed to take the conversation in stride, but Bridson-Boyczuk still worries. 

3)  Take these assignments in stride and view them as a challenge. Don't complain or convey an attitude that ...

4)  While a more established company can take a loss in stride, a small business may not be able to.

5)  ... learned to be more adaptable, independent, and to take new experiences in stride.

6)  While many have learned to take this scrutiny in stride, a few, it appears, have taken it to heart.

7)  ... spin out of control, he does his best to take the drama in stride. "I just try my best to stay focused on my goals".

8)  ... always been an idealist/optimist. It's in my nature to take bad news in stride and slowly work my way through it.

9)  It's how I react to situations - my inability to take some things in stride.

10)  The Chinese learned that they could take this change in stride and life would improve.

11)  ... with all the name calling, bashing and blaming, Principals take it in stride and do the work that must be done to make a difference for students.

12)  ... it the way we once dreamed, we're mature enough to take it in stride and get on with whatever life we actually have in hand. 

13)  ... but if you're prepared for the worst case you can take anything lesser in stride.

14)  When he hears your answers, he might take them in stride or he might react with a loud "Yuck!" 

15)  Some people seem to take everything in stride. Their naturally laid-back attitudes shine through, even in stressful situations.

16)  Some seem to take it in stride, while others feel varying degrees of sadness, anger, or fear. 

17)  ... was just starting out, it was hard for him to take the setbacks in stride

18)  They don't take things in stride as easily as some, and may be particularly infuriated if something doesn't seem ...

19)  The most remarkable thing is while I've seen many locals take these encounters in stride, some tourists get angry when confronted by others speaking a foreign tongue.

20)  Did she take the ribbing in stride or do you think she was she insulted by it?