to take the floor

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - take the floor

"to take the floor"

to rise to deliver a formal speech;

to assert the formal right to speak


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - take the floor

We join a business meeting in progress ...

Leader:  Just wait a minute everyone. Nobody can understand a thing if everyone talks at once. I am going to give Bruce the floor so that he can explain his ideas. Everyone else, please be quiet and listen and you will get your turn.

Bruce:  OK, then.  It's my turn to speak?

Leader:  Please, take the floor.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - take the floor

A town council meeting is in progress ...

Councilor Smith:  Just a minute. That's not right. I believe ...

Mayor:  Please, it is not your turn to speak. Councilor Ross has already taken the floor. Councilor Ross, please proceed.

Councilor Ross:  Thank you, Mr. Mayor. As I was saying ...


to take the floor - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   287   click for frequency by country

to take the floor - Gerund Form:

Taking the floor, you assert your right to speak at the town council meeting.

to take the floor - Examples:

1)  Think about the language to use when you take the floor in a discussion.

2)  I would now like to invite Mr. Rajmohan Gandhi to take the floor and to elaborate on this.

3)  In addition, whether interactants are willing to take the floor in face-to-face settings may depend on their ability to think quickly on their feet and ...

4)  ... a situation where one or two people with an axe to grind temporarily take the floor while the rest of the audience rolls their eyes and agitates to go on.

5)  Can make use of appropriate linguistic means to take the floor in a conversation, to link one's contribution to those of others ...

6)  Peter Prescott was the first to take the floor.

7)  Members of Congress regularly take the floor to blame China for all the economic woes in America.

8)  Regional groups where then invited to take the floor.

9)  The doors will be closed at 8:55. Clinton is scheduled to take the floor at 9 o'clock.

10)  CSOs are able to take the floor in plenary sessions, directly propose changes to texts, and have a tangible impact ...

11)  To this end, Petr Verkhovenskij takes the floor and elaborates in some clever detail upon Stavrogin's exploits in a Petersburg tavern years ...

12)  A second man, also selected by the organizers, takes the floor and says his piece.

13)  USA chief climate negotiator Todd Stern takes the floor -- calls on delegates not to miss a major opportunity and pass the LCA text ...

14)  Taking the floor Mr. Ashiqur Rahman praised both the presenters.

15)  It was very interesting to note that all the local communicators taking the floor made a case for mixing offline and online engagement opportunities for citizens ...

16)  As I am taking the floor for the first time in this Committee this session, allow me to congratulate you ...

17)  So Senator A, before yielding the floor, or Senator B upon taking the floor, could turn to one or more of those ...

18)  ... the speech but also faithfully convey the mood and intonation of the delegate taking the floor. This ensures that the atmospherics are not lost.

19)  I have taken the floor because no other woman has responded, and it would not be out of place ...

20)  Moreover, other Bolshevik leaders have taken the floor in a series of meetings, and also made an appeal to immediate insurrection.