to take the wind out of someone's sails

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - take the wind out of someone's sails

"to take the wind out of someone's sails"

to cause someone to lose confidence, energy or their high expectations


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - take the wind out of someone's sails

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: Brian has sure been working hard lately. He has been certifying for various functions, taking courses and making all the right connections at work. He is absolutely determined to advance his career with the company.

Colleague 2: Has Brian not heard that there is a permanent hiring freeze and that it may mean that the company is in severe trouble?

Colleague 1: I suppose that he hasn't heard. I sure hope it doesn't take the wind out of his sails when he does hear about it.

Colleague 2: Brian is a resilient person. He will just use all his acquired skills to look for his next job.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - take the wind out of someone's sails

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: You have been lying on the couch for days. Why are you so depressed and lifeless?

Friend 2: My admission to the university that I have have been dreaming of attending for years got rejected.

Friend 1: I know that can take the wind out of your sails but it is not like you to accept defeat.

Friend 2: What am I supposed to do?

Friend 1: Pick yourself up and dust yourself off and apply to your second favorite school.

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to take the wind out of someone's sails - Usage:


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to take the wind out of someone's sails - Gerund Form:

Taking the wind out of her sails, her friend told her that the boy she liked didn't like her at all.

to take the wind out of someone's sails - Examples:

1)  There's no doubt losing the World Cup bid took the wind out of our sails but this presents a great opportunity for us to move on again.

2)  I think there were a few things that took the wind out of our sails.... We made some mistakes and we beat ourselves. 

3)  That took the wind out of our sails, and it was no real surprise when the visitors went ahead on 39 minutes ...

4)  ... we got down a couple of goals, that took the wind out of our sails.

5)  ... can make as a real estate investor that will take the wind out of your sails. Mistakes that will cause you to doubt your commitment to pursue real estate investing ...

6)  ... of his hands on the interception. Did that take the wind out of your sails? No, there's going to be adversity in every football game.

7)  ... to capture the world myself, but it just takes the wind out of my sails. If I take one thing at a time I can handle it. 

8)  Kind of takes the wind out of my sails. The other day, she started to kick me on the changing table ...

9)  ... all these stupid remarks about his motives. It takes the wind out of his sails for what would otherwise be an open-and-shut case for damages for wrongful arrest. 

10)  Mike then immediately takes the wind out of his sails by demonstrating that he has the same power. 

11)  ... energies in students, before the devil opportunistically intervenes to take the wind out of our sails.

12)  ... just have a laugh and not let it take the wind out of our sails.

13)  I was not trained in business. It took the wind out of my sails, and the desire to take risks out of my soul for many years.

14)  ... short-lived, as FOFPAKs casual remark on the encounter took the wind out of my sails: "I hope he knows who he has beaten".

15)  ... that made him redden with irritation, and which took the wind out of his sails.

16)  I hate colds, they always take the wind out of my sails.

17)  I like it when people say things that take the wind out of my sails. I like being fed obvious truths that make me think.

18)  But the delay and the disappointment had taken the wind out of my sails

19)  This has really taken the wind out of my sails. I was really looking forward to playing this game and now I'm not.

20)  For a team with less character it would have taken the wind out of their sails. Instead they regrouped, reshaped and took the game to Kilkenny in the second ...