to talk in circles

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - talk in circles

"to talk in circles"

to continually repeat the same theme, often using different words, but always leading back to where the talk began with no apparent conclusion


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - talk in circles

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  As I was saying, the only way we are going to be able to make this project happen is to import from Chile.

Colleague 2:  That is the fifth time you have said that. And again, I will tell you that it is far too expensive to import from Chile.

Colleague 1:  It seems like we are talking in circles here. Let's take a break and see if we can come up with any other solutions. We'll reconvene tomorrow.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - talk in circles

Two parents are discussing their son, Lawrence ...

Father:  But Lawrence has to go to soccer practice.

Mother:  I understand but we made a deal with him that if he didn't keep his schoolwork up that he wouldn't be able to play soccer.

Father:  I remember but his soccer team are on their way to the nationals.

Mother:  That's great but we must maintain discipline.

Father:  I agree that discipline is important but soccer is really important to Lawrence and he is so excited to play.

Mother:  And it is that excitement that should cause him to keep his schoolwork up.

Father:  Right, so he needs to go to practice to keep the excitement up.

Mother:  We are talking in circles here and getting nowhere!

to talk in circles - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   66   click for frequency by country

to talk in circles - Gerund Form:

Talking in circles in no way to conclude a negotiation.

to talk in circles - Examples:

1)  That means years could potentially be wasted talking in circles, without applying financial and other pressure, only to arrive at a similar deal.

2)  Three and half hours of talking in circles in that first meeting didn't fill me with confidence, ...

3)  ... one round resuming almost immediately after the last. An endless cycle of talking in circles.

4)  Rather than talk therapy, where you can often find yourself talking in circles, this is a measured and hugely (and scientifically) supported method of intervention.

5)  ... he will actually answer something, instead of his usual pattern of talking in circles.

6)  And so on and so forth, talking in circles without actually saying anything.

7)  I am in a hurry. So I will refrain from talking in circles and come to the point straight.

8)  If you've ever been stuck talking in circles with a chat representative with a strictly controlled script, you know how it went.

9)  It's as if we're talking in circles and getting nowhere. The government has known about AMD since 1996.

10)  If we are talking in circles, it is because politics is circular. It is rooted in human nature, ...

11)  ... the topic was never confronted directly, preferring instead to talk in circles.

12)  So they talk in circles and produce red herrings at every step, hoping that everyone will get distracted or ...

13)  ... two weeks away from having to make a decision. Jones tends to talk in circles, so what he says today doesn't mean it will happen tomorrow.

14)  ... want to be clear, direct and neutral. Resist the temptation to talk in circles. Don't try and be clever.

15)  Deal with problems directly. Don't talk in circles when you're trying to sort out an issue: " Save time and get ...

16)  When I really had no idea I would just talk in circles. Nobody really knows if the stock market is going to be up or down.

17)  We talk in circles at times, skirting the main event, repeating points that have been made time ...

18)  People like you, who talk in circles, are obscuring what it is true--it's all made up.

19)  ... it was clear that Aweys was happy to talk in circles. Many of our questions were met with questions.

20)  ... think you have nothing to back up your opinion so you try to talk in circles until someone gives up.