to talk shop

Idiom Definition

"to talk shop"

to talk about something you are interested in with another person who is interested in the same thing

Idiom Definition - to talk shop


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to talk shop

Henry and Pamela have invited their friend Ryan over for supper.  As the three are eating, Henry and Ryan begin to talk about their work as TV producers.  Pamela interrupts their conversation to say ...

"C'mon guys.  You can talk shop after supper."

Henry and Ryan agree that they can talk about their work after supper.  They know that Pamela really does not want to talk about the men's work.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to talk shop

Patricia and Nancy are talking on the telephone during their coffee breaks ...

Patricia:  Have you heard about the big clothing sale at the mall this weekend?

Nancy:  No.  Do tell!

Patricia:  All the latest styles will be there and there  is supposed to be big discounts.

Nancy:  Let's get together for lunch and talk shop.

The two women will meet for lunch and discuss their common interest in fashion and clothing.

to talk shop - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   327   click for frequency by country

to talk shop - Gerund Form:

Talking shop can be boring for others who are not interested.

to talk shop - Examples:

1)  I talk shop with my coworkers.

2)  You talk shop with your fellow coin collectors.

3)  He talks shop with anyone who will listen.

4)  She talks shop because her work is her life.

5)  We talk shop even over our lunch breaks.

6)  You (all) talk shop with your colleagues.

7)  They talk shop with the boss every day.

8)  Did we talk shop with our fellow bird watchers yesterday?

9)  Will you talk shop with your buddy at tomorrow's dinner party?

10)  When managers get together they may be more likely to talk shop and share ideas and experiences.

11)  The pair are giddy about their upcoming baby, and talk shop straight away.

12) It's neat to get a chance to talk shop with others who also share their knowledge. 

13)  Fortunately, years of listening to his father talk shop at the dinner table helped him gain an interest in textile manufacturing.

14) There's a lot of opportunity to hang with actors and talk shop

15)  It's so gratifying to be with like-minded musicians, talk shop, business and just plain make new friends with people who are also going through the same things.

16)  This is a chance to talk shop with like minded folks dealing with the same problems.

17)  I think it's natural to want a relationship with someone who won't talk shop.

18)  Merchants and professional men met there to read newspapers and talk shop

19)  Being able to code means that you can talk shop with them, making them much more receptive to your ideas.

20)  I meet a lot of my peers, we talk shop, and it's a really common problem that you see out there.