to teach someone the ropes

Idiom Definition

"to teach someone the ropes"

to teach or show someone (usually in a new situation) how to do something that the person is not familiar with

Idiom Definition - to teach someone the ropes


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to teach someone the ropes

Martha has just been promoted to office manager of the office where she works.  As such, when a new employee is hired for the office, it is Martha's responsibility to teach the new employee all the procedures and expectations necessary to fulfill the job requirements.

Martha must teach the new employees the ropes.

Martha must teach the ropes to the new employees.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to teach someone the ropes

Juan has decided to try a new hobby. Juan has decided that he would like to learn to watch birds. Juan's friend, Raphael, has offered to take Juan to his first birdwatcher meeting. Raphael has been a birdwatcher for more than ten years ...

Juan:  Thanks for offering to help me with my new hobby.

Raphael:  No problem.  Bird watching is a great pastime.

Juan:  I'm a little nervous because I know nothing about bird watching.

Raphael:  Don't worry.  I'll teach you the ropes.

to teach someone the ropes - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   61   click for frequency by country

to teach someone the ropes - Gerund Form:

Teaching someone the ropes might be an obligation or it might be an act of kindness.

to teach someone the ropes - Examples:

1)  I teach the new person the ropes in order to get them up to snuff on work procedures.

2)  You teach me the ropes when I don't know what I am doing.

3)  He teaches his new boss the ropes when he teaches his new boss the factory procedures.

4)  She teaches her friend the ropes when she introduces her friend to a new fashion style.

5)  We teach the new students the ropes so that the new students feel more welcome on campus.

6)  You (all) teach him the ropes when you take the time to teach them how to do something new.

7)  They teach me the ropes when I am new to the group.

8)  Is she teaching Martha the ropes at this very moment?

9)  Did you teach the new team member the ropes yesterday?

10)  Were you teaching the new team member the ropes when the fire alarm sounded?

11)  You went out of your way to teach me the ropes and make me comfortable.

12)  The people have embraced me, welcomed me to the UK and teach me the ropes of how things work here in the UK.

13) I need to learn from the right person who can take me under their wing and teach me the ropes

14)  After approaching some friends who were in the business to teach me the ropes and get some few insights, I was shocked because I realized that people are guarded with their knowledge.

15) Is there be a guild willing to take me in and teach me the ropes

16)  Choose someone who knows Internet marketing backwards and forwards to teach you the ropes.

17)  A boat share company can even teach you the ropes if you're new and ensure that you don't have any problems.

18) They all claim to teach you the ropes

19) They certainly have a strong veteran nucleus to teach them the ropes

20)  It's better if there is an older, experienced dog to teach them the ropes.