to tear your hair out

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - tear your hair out

"to tear your hair out"

to be anxious, frustrated, or angry


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - tear your hair out

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: How long have you been working on that problem?

Colleague 2: This is the third straight day and I am about ready to tear my hair out.

Colleague 1: Sounds like you are getting frustrated. Sometimes it is a good idea to put the problem aside for a time and then return to it later with "fresh eyes". It might help you get some perspective.

Colleague 2: Good idea. If I keep working the problem, I think I will go crazy.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - tear your hair out

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: Is that the time? My parents will be tearing their hair out with worry. I promised I would have the car home by ten.

Friend 2: It is only a quarter after ten now. Do your parents really get that anxious if you are a little late?

Friend 1: They are the worrying type. They will be imagining all the worst scenarios possible.

Friend 2: Give them a call and allay their fears.

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to tear your hair out- Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   390   click for frequency by country

to tear your hair out- Gerund Form:

Tearing his hair out in frustration, he admitted that he just could not figure out the problem.

to tear your hair out- Examples:

1)  I was exhausted and tearing my hair out by 4 weeks but I never felt comfortable asking anyone to help.

2)  ... when it's so out of control at that point that you're tearing your hair out saying, "Oh my god, my home office is a mess."

3)  ... following instructions is difficult for him too. I'm close to tearing my hair out.... if he loses his wallet /house keys again, I may just spontaneously ...

4)  Architecture is really about tearing your hair out because of out of control builders, scatty clients, bureaucratic statutory authorities and ...

5)  ... browsing a rich PDF -- you basically can't, or not without tearing your hair out in frustration.

6)  I am so glad I found this because I have been tearing my hair out for two days trying to find out what the problem was! 

7)  ... eventually got was unreliable and did a terrible job. I was left tearing my hair out after being ripped off by a cowboy tradesman.

8)  He would try certain things and you'd see the boss tearing his hair out and getting mad at him.

9)  Thanks so much for any help, I'm tearing my hair out right now as I've tried everything to fix it myself.

10)  The logical puzzles are devilishly fiendish, and you'll find yourself tearing your hair out with mathematical problems, chess riddles and some satisfyingly tricky puzzles.

11)  I have spent most of that time tearing my hair out trying to figure out what to write next.

12)  I was really tearing my hair out over the "taskbar" and "quick launch" features; absolutely mind-boggling.

13)  Besides tearing your hair out or going postal, there actually are some constructive options.

14)  I've talked to farmers who are tearing their hair out over EPA regulations. But the high-tech people seem to exist on another planet.

15)  Even though you sometimes feel like tearing your hair out because of personal, economic, and work-related stress, stress isn't likely ...

16)  I don't know about you, but I tear my hair out sometimes trying to get these behavioural changes.

17)  ... people do their jobs. I learned my limits and that "tear my hair out" is, and should remain, only an expression.

18)  ... passionate and independent spirit that has made his coaches both love him and tear their hair out -- these are characteristics that are not traditionally Scandinavian.

19)  ... my mate who had a computer shop at the time used to tear his hair out in frustration when the price would drop or the spec would improve.

20)  They are paying you to do the job, not to agonise and tear your hair out because it just doesn't look quite right.