that'll be the day

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - that will be the day

"that'll be the day"

that is very unlikely;

that will never happen


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - that will be the day

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:   I've been working here five years and never received a raise.

Colleague 2:  Seven years for me.

Colleague 1:  Do you think our old skinflint boss will ever give us a raise?

Colleague 2That'll be the day.

Colleague 1:  You're right. I suppose it'll never happen.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - that will be the day

Two brothers are talking ....

Brother 1:  Have you ever seen Dad wear anything other than black socks?

Brother 2:  Never.

Brother 1:  Father's Day is coming up. Let's buy him some white athletic socks. Do you think he'll wear them?

Brother 2That'll be the day. Dad will never wear anything but black socks.

that'll be the day - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   139   click for frequency by country

that'll be the day - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for that'll be the day.

THISIDIOM - Examples:

1)  That could lower the exorbitant seat prices!! Ya right, that 'll be the day. All IMHO.

2)  Imagine that, a machine that can fly!! Now golly dang, that 'll be the day!! If god wanted man to fly, he'd a ...

3)  That 'll be the day when the LibDems formally announce they are leaving the Coalition Government.

4)  He works at the council cleansing department.' Works? That 'll be the day. He turns up like the rest of them.

5)  Paul? Apologize? That 'll be the day!

6)  That 'll be the day we can call ourselves truly educated.

7)  ... that would no doubt help our Police to monitor/apprehend criminals/killer drivers. That 'll be the day!

8)  An actuary in Malaysia? That 'll be the day... I think there are too few.

9)  No time to be a food snob Hahaha! That 'll be the day I become one. I'm all for easy!

10)  ... my work-mates if they belonged to the Tuhoe people, but they replied 'That 'll be the day, we're all Arawas here'.

11)  ... , but according to Republicans) " throw Israel under the bus. " THAT 'LL be the day! But at least Obama has moved so far along re Palestine ...

12)  That probably wont happen No way That 'll be the day.

13)  Talk So Kids Will Listen And Listen So Kids Will Talk. " " That 'll be the day!

14)  ... actually get on board with doing something about it instead of being obstructionists? That 'll be the day.

15)  A colored Mayor. That 'll be the day.

16)  So now I'm a fool, huh? That 'll be the day I ever be controlled by likes of you or your kind to ...

17)  That 'll be the day that policeman go on strike!

18)  I used to mock him and think " Huh! That 'll be the day when my vintage' 76 Gibson Explorer sits in a pawn shop.

19)  Now if only Made in Chelsea had a normal looking person... that 'll be the day! J recently posted.

20)  ... to checkmate the opposition or rebellious backbenchers during Prime Minister's Question Time? That 'll be the day. Hardball has Mr Godfrey writing from Benin City to thank for ...