That's on us.

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - That's on us.

"That's on us."

We are responsible;

We will take the blame for the situation


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - That's on us.

Two managers from two different companies are talking ...

Manager 1:   The big rollout of our new product line didn't go very well. The advertising items that you promised were not delivered on time.

Manager 2:  Please accept my apologies.  I'm sorry that you didn't have the items you needed. That's on us.  We changed courier companies recently and it was a mistake.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - That's on us.

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Last night, we went to that restaurant that you and your husband recommended.

Friend 2:  And how was it?

Friend 1:  Terrible. The food was cold. The service staff was extremely rude and the prices were insane. Why did you recommend that restaurant?

Friend 2:  Sorry. That's on us. My husband and I forgot to tell you that the management of the restaurant had changed recently.

That's on us. - Usage:


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That's on us. - Gerund Form:

Being on us means we accept the responsibilty.

That's on us. - Examples:

1)  ... in the fact that we lost on shite set piece defending, that 's on us to figure out, rather than a true Chelsea attacking threat.

2)  ... the football so we don't have that even in question. That 's on us. We had opportunities. We just didn't come out with it.

3)  We can be happy or upset, that's not on them that 's on us.

4)  ... he's still up there, T-Dog says. "That 's on us."

5)  They take our silence as assent, and that 's on us.

6)  I need to sort out the mechanics of not eating for now, well, thats on us.

7)  ... said they were the best butterfly pads he's ever used. That's on us, no blaming the tools ...

8) That's on us now to see which ones we have to choose or not.

9) That's on us. It's not part of the offense, it's not anybody's fault ...

10)  ... had partners, but they chose to retire and now that's on us. Any suggestions for where we might see some properly written estimates?

11)  Fool us once it's on you, fool us twice that's on us.

12)  That's our stuff we're still working through. That's on us, not them.

13)  ... think the responsibility is with the viewer, not the wearer. That's on us to see the heart of a person.

14)  Quite the contrary, and as adults, that's on us to deal with that and not have other people suffer our insecurity.

15)  You know what, our fault. That's on us.

16) That's on us ultimately because we're the coachs, and that comes with the territory.

17)  ... not least because, as adults/teachesr/parents, that's on us to stay calm when he starts to get frustrated ...

18)  Once we focus on our end goal, that's on us to try to express ourselves in a way that facilitates that goal.

19)  did not do their patented "that's on us" routine after their loss, but if Marrone puts the blame on himself, ...

20)  We made the error.  That's on us.