the ABCs of

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - the ABCs of

"the ABCs of"

the basic facts or principles of something


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - the ABCs of

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I've been tasked with creating a company blog and I have no idea where to begin.

Colleague 2:  I just read an article on the ABCs of blogging. It is really good. It goes over the very basic concepts and shows you step by step how to get started. I'll send you the article.

Colleague 1:  Thanks.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - the ABCs of

A new mother is talking to a friend ...

New Mother:  I am a little worried about my baby sleeping safely.

Friend:  Just remember the ABCs of safe sleep for babies; Alone, on the baby's Back in a Crib.

New Mother:  That seems really simple and straightforward.

Friend: Those are the basics of safe sleep for your baby.

New Mother:  Thanks.

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the ABCs of - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for the ABCs of.

the ABCs of - Examples:

1)  The ABCs of behaviour change (antecedents, behaviour, consequences) are useful for people who ...

2)  To make it easier to absorb the key issues, here are the ABCs of the just-concluded meeting: ...

3)  ... sports nutritionist and author, shared the ABCs of preparing nutritious meals and snacks your kids will love. 

4)  ... believes it's vital for school-age children to have regular exposure to the ABCs of coding. "Technical literacy is absolutely fundamental to doing everything in the future ..."

5)  ... hand-held, pinball, retro, smartphone, and VR: these are the ABCs of the PAX gaming convention, which now hosts annual events in three American cities.

6)  To manage the impact of the integration, I prescribed the ABCs of Asean Integration: Audit, Brand, and Communicate.

7)  You go through the ABCs of medicine. Let's try this drug, let's try that one, ...

8)  ... aspirants pieces of advice on becoming artists and at the same time sharing the ABCs of the entertainment scene.

9)  ... the instructions on this baby's shirt can help parents and care givers remember the ABCs of safe sleep: Alone, on the Back and in a Crib.

10)  ... advice and not fritter away their money clicking away on transaction platforms without knowing the ABCs of investing.

11)  Pain, hate, envy, those are the ABCs of me. Get rid of them and there's nothing left. 

12)  ... would have the world believe that it's only teaching the ABCs of democracy and elections to people who don't know them, ...

13)  ... and viewed the opportunity to bring the ABCs of Bullying Prevention Program to the school as a wonderful opportunity for the children, ...

14)  ... taught them the alphabet when they were small, they are now teaching us the ABCs of computers. 

15)  Some children in grades six to nine will begin learning the ABCs of digital technology once the government adds coding to teachers' lesson plans in its ...

16)  The ABCs of Programmatic white paper from Marin Software is a detailed 18-page primer that will help ...

17)  ... from anything the women have known. They won't even know the ABCs of dressing for this weather.

18)  ... with your physician about what blood pressure target is best for you. The ABCs of diabetes are building blocks for prevention.

19)  Say hello to Alphabet, Google's new parent company that is boldly restructuring the ABCs of the search engine giant and its subsidiaries.

20)  Also available for printing and handing out is the Astronomical League's The ABCs of Stargazing sheet, which can help you explain the basics of our hobby to ...