(to be) the black sheep (of the family)

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - the black sheep

"(to be) the black sheep (of the family)"

to be different from and not approved by the other members of the group (family)


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - the black sheep

Two siblings are talking about their brother Paul ...

Brother:  When was the last time you heard from Paul?

Sister:  It's been a long time.  Every since Paul shaved his head and joined an Ashram, he seems to be the black sheep of the family.

Brother:  Since our parent's raised us as fundamental Christians, is it any wonder that the family shuns him?

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - the black sheep

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I think that I am starting to get tired of the atmosphere of this company.

Colleague 2:  How's that?

Colleague 1:  Every time someone comes up with a really creative or unusual idea that diverges even a little from the company mentality, they are labeled as black sheep.

Colleague 2:  I suppose you are right because those same people never get promoted and end up being forced out of the company.

(to be) the black sheep (of the family) - Usage:


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(to be) the black sheep (of the family) - Gerund Form:

Being the black sheep of the family, you were not informed of your grandmother's passing.

(to be) the black sheep (of the family) - Examples:

1)  Blogs are no longer the black sheep of publishing. They have quickly become as important as the printed word.

2)  Chum are the black sheep of the Pacific salmon family. Too often considered ugly and oily, ...

3)  If you dig deep enough we all have what was once called the black sheep of the family.

4)  Unless you're really the black sheep of the flock, chances are you'll get a very favorable interest rate.

5)  I'm the loner, the black sheep on the pack.

6)  ... they think it's better than any other religion. I'm am the black sheep in my family. I hate it! I guess I'll convert to something ...

7)  My impression is that astronomers and astrophysicists have become the black sheep in today's warming scientific community.

8)  I think my mom is the black sheep of her family. That must really hurt her feelings.

9)  We fondly call our brother Andrew (far left, arms folded) the black sheep, since he's the only straight sibling.

10)  ... to stop attending church, everything. I'm permanently marked as the black sheep of my family, but at least my little sisters are experiencing a semi-normal childhood ...

11)  I've been the black sheep in my family, enduring near ridicule as I've run around claiming that ...

12)  I was the black sheep of my family, my father could not understand how I could possibly vote democrat.

13)  One of the daughters was overweight, kind of the black sheep of the family, not as into riding as her family.

14)  High bounce rates, low browse rates and awful conversion rates make social the black sheep of the referring traffic sources.

15)  When I was young I was the golden child and my sister was the black sheep. Once we graduated from high school I became the family black sheep and my ...

16)  I did not participate in her funeral and was branded the black sheep of the family long before that, because I kept asking' inappropriate' questions ...

17)  Where I live, I'm the black sheep. These people look at me like they want to eat my brains out when ...

18)  ... that will tell you you're not mad. Or you might be the black sheep in your family, but you're not weird.

19)  ... but my slightly younger brother, Paul, - the nomad - the black sheep of the family - the one that no-one can actually recall meeting ...

20)  ... were to be the only good one amongst all bad you'd be the black sheep. So in essence something that is not the norm, something different.