The buck stops here.

Idiom Definition

"The buck stops here."

to take responsibility

Idiom Definition - The buck stops here.


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - The buck stops here.

A hospital administrator is talking with a patient who had a procedure some time ago ...

Administrator:  How can I help you?

Patient:  I have been trying all morning to get some help with understanding my hospital bill.  First, I asked my nurse.  She told me it wasn't her responsibility.  She told me to ask her supervisor.  I asked the supervisor but she passed the buck to the billing department.  The billing department sent me to the X-ray department and finally I was directed to see you.  Are you going to send me to someone else or can you help me with my bill?

Administrator:  No, I won't send you to someone else.  The buck stops here.  I will take responsibility for looking after your inquiry.

Patient:  Thank you!

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - The buck stops here.

Two coworkers are talking about why a recent collaborative project was not finished on time ...

Worker 1:  There's big trouble in the office because we missed the deadline.

Worker 2:  I heard.  I also heard that Fred didn't finish his part on time.

Worker 1:  I finished my part in plenty of time.

Worker 2:  Me too.  What about the IT department?  They were terribly late with the infrastructure.

Worker 1:  Well, who's going to be in trouble?

Worker 2:  Ultimately, the buck stops with the Project Leader.  She will have to justify why we are late.

The buck stops here. - Usage:


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The buck stops here. - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for "The buck stops here."

The buck stops here. - Examples:

1)  Today is the beginning of the crunch. The buck stops here. No more parties and relaxing.

2)  He is the Commander in Chief. The buck stops here. He is blamed for high gas prices.

3)  A common saying that refers to ultimate responsibility is 'the buck stops here'.

4)  So I think in this, you know, who stands up and says the buck stops here? Well it seems to me it's the preachers themselves.

5)  There is no place in which we can say, the buck stops here. The buck just never stops.

6)  We are taking responsibility because the buck stops here.

7)  At some point we have to say the buck stops here, and we have to restore what was broken along the way.

8)  Leadership means that, the buck stops here.

9)  I think it's inexcusable and if he says the buck stops here, someone should be fired.

10) I would not say that this was Romney's doing necessarily, but as " the buck stops here " it certainly belongs to him. 

11) A real leader will stand up as the President and say " the buck stops here, I am ultimately responsible for my administration. 

12)  As far as Beinfest, its the old story of  the buck stops here

13)  In Berry's case, " the buck stops here " is just the old hot potato game.

14)  Harry Truman may have popularized the saying " The Buck Stops Here, " but he definitely didn't invent it.

15)  Unless Americans stand up in unison and say the buck stops here -- enough is enough -- then who knows where we could end up.

16)  She clearly has no "the buck stops here" philosophy- rather hers is avoid responsibility at all costs.

17)  The concept of' the buck stops here is not one that seems to apply to SFA.

18)  Where is Steve when you need him? # The buck stops here # If only I hadn't upgraded, my phone.

19)  As clueless says, don't over analyse, just tell yourself that the buck stops here and it'll actually make you a much stronger person.

20)  As far as I'm concerned, the buck stops here. After all, it's not rocket science.