The thing is

Idiom Definition 1

"The thing is"

used to introduce an explanation or excuse

Idiom Definition - The thing is


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Idiom Definition 2

"The thing is"

used to emphasize the importance of what is said

Idiom Definition - The thing is


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - The thing is

A husband and wife are talking ...

Wife: I remember that I specifically asked you to buy the brand that I like.

Husband:  Yes, dear, and I even wrote it on my shopping list.

Wife:  Then why didn't you buy the right brand?

HusbandThe thing is, the store didn't have the brand you wanted and I didn't want to go to another store.  Sorry.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - The thing is

Two factory supervisors are talking ...

Supervisor 1: We really should rearrange the production line to speed up production.

Supervisor 2:  I agree that we need to speed up production but the union reps won't.

Supervisor 1:  Why is that?

Supervisor 2: The union reps will complain that worker safety will be compromised and, the thing is, I agree that safety should come first.

The thing is - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   10,808   click for frequency by country

The thing is - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for "The thing is".

The thing is - Examples:

1)  The thing is, Right wing Republicans don't understand the facts.

2)  He had no idea Hightower killed Opie, but the thing is, that's his cousin.

3)  The thing is that it's your responsibility to steer the answers in the right direction.

4)  That puts extra pressure on campaign coffers. The thing is, said Simpson, no one knows how to do it effectively.

5)  The thing is that OS overhead on Windows isn't all that high.

6)  Aww, Daryl, you big softy! The thing is, Norman Reedus really does wonderful work selling Daryl as a tough bastard.

7)  He's out here somewhere, I could tell ya. But the thing is that there is no villain here. The villain is us.

8)  The thing is, it's a very expensive book to produce.

9)  The thing is, even scrawny, scrawny men are awfully strong compared to most women.

10)  The thing is the answer to this problem is so different depending upon the relationship.

11)  I have the same problem. The thing is, sinus pain is the only dental pain I feel.

12)  The thing is that invoice price isn't really what the dealer pays for the car. 

13)  The thing is, on game day, I'm not backing down.

14)  The thing is, it costs about $100 just to ship you an empty consumer electronics box.

15)  I probably should have detailed the USB method as well -- the thing is, most of the time, older PCs are the ones being infected.

16)  The thing is that it's easier to view someone else's creations than to create something yourself.

17)  The thing is no government can completely shut down barter between individuals.

18)  The thing is, it's what we don't know that excites us.

19)  There are pharmaceutical companies that will help you get your medication. The thing is, at the beginning even finding a therapist seemed a daunting and overwhelming task.

20)  The thing is plenty of star talent doesn't win championships by itself.