the time is ripe

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - the time is ripe

"the time is ripe"

the most favorable time to do something


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - the time is ripe

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  It looks like the time is ripe to initiate that takeover we have been planning.

Colleague 2:  Why is that?

Colleague 1:  The target company is severely undervalued at the moment. Its share prices are low and their board of directors is in the midst of a shakeup.

Colleague 2:  Sounds like a good opportunity. Let's start the takeover process.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - the time is ripe

A couple are talking ...

Wife:  Do you think it is time to buy a new house?

Husband:  It could be. Real estate values are soaring in our neighborhood and bank interest rates are low.

Wife:  So the time is ripe?

Husband:  Yes. Let's start shopping for a new home.

the time is ripe - Usage:


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the time is ripe - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for the time is ripe.

the time is ripe - Examples:

1)  We hope, when the time is ripe, young entrepreneurs like you will take advantage of these opportunities.

2)  ... intending to call for a snap election would never admit it until the time is ripe to hold the election.

3)  With financial crime becoming ever more sophisticated and endemic, the time is ripe for a smart disruptor to shake up the compliance market.

4)  For sellers, the time is ripe to snap some attractive photos of the home and catch it when it looks best.

5)  The time is ripe for pro-life policy makers to move into offense mode on issues related to life and ...

6)  ... is in a position of strength and the time is ripe to consider new models of funding better quality care.

7)  ... is also a singer, composer, arranger and dancer and says the time is ripe now for him to exhibit his full range of skills for all to see.

8)  ... most small retailers feeling threatened by e-commerce, the bank feels that the time is ripe to offer them technology solutions.

9)  ... in the next parliament and the feeling on the island is that the time is ripe for a long-overdue change.

10)  ... to sell a house. In spring, specifically mid-spring, the time is ripe for selling. It is the time of the end of the school year.

11)  ... advocates say a promise from the federal government to improve services means the time is ripe to push for change.

12)  ... she started her music career about 10 years ago and she thinks the time is ripe for her career to be handled professionally.

13)  ... after covering self-driving of 1.8 million miles, he now believes that the time is ripe to quit and look out for a new adventurous project.

14)  ... take their product to the next level. It also shows that the time is ripe for international investors to become involved in the African Mobile gaming industry.

15)  ... that now there is a trend reversal in the distribution sector: the time is ripe for the electric truck.

16)  ... and with sterling weak at the moment, the time is ripe for companies eager to make deals. 

17)  Third, the time is ripe for women leaders to take over the reins of global power.

18)  ... has kept his squad together, prepared diligently, and feels now the time is ripe to produce a big result.

19)  He said the time is ripe for industries who have implemented these technologies in their facilities to spread its benefits.

20)  Given the momentum following the Paris Agreement, the time is ripe for business leaders to be bold and take action.