to throw down the gauntlet

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - throw down the gauntlet

"to throw down the gauntlet"

to declare or issue a challenge


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - throw down the gauntlet

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: Have you seen our competitor's new advertising campaign?

Colleague 2: Do you mean the series of ads that basically challenge us to beat their prices?

Colleague 1: Yes, those ads. They have certainly thrown down the gauntlet. How are we going to respond to their challenge?

Colleague 2: By destroying them with super-low pricing. We have the size and the capital to eliminate them from the market.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - throw down the gauntlet

A couple are talking ...

Husband: Why do you have to spend so much money on shoes?

Wife: Because I enjoy the whole process; going out and shopping with friends, making decisions on which shoes are best and then admiring my collection in the closet. Why do you spend so much on your toy cars?

Husband: I bet that I could give up spending money on toy cars much more easily that you could with your shoes.

Wife: Are you throwing down the gauntlet?

Husband: Yes. I challenge you to spend no more money on shoes than I do on toy cars.

Wife: I accept your challenge and are you ever in trouble. My resolve is far stronger than yours.

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to throw down the gauntlet - Usage:


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to throw down the gauntlet - Gerund Form:

Throwing down the gauntlet, she challenged her friend to a baking contest.

to throw down the gauntlet - Examples:

1)  Feeling democratic, at the close of that post I threw down the gauntlet and challenged someone to come to the fixie's defense--hoping someone could explain the draw ...

2)  Simon reckons the BBC threw down the gauntlet by spending 30million on X Factor rival The Voice, which airs in the spring.

3)  Being sure of his ability, he threw down the gauntlet

4)  Dr. Spio Garbrah threw down the gauntlet to all political lecturers in the country, to openly debate him on the subject.

5)  Marc Warren threw down the gauntlet in the early stages with a six under par opening round of 66.

6)  ... seems to be getting stronger rather than weaker. Recently, Wenger threw down the gauntlet by issuing him an ultimatum of December for him to agree a new deal or ...

7)  This week Derbyshire Building Society has thrown down the gauntlet to rival providers by launching a rate of 5.6 per cent on loans.

8)  But these are dangerous days for Brown. Miliband has thrown down the gauntlet and an autumn leadership battle is now a possibility.

9)  This outrageous act has thrown down the gauntlet. This organisation now poses the most serious threat to law and order in our ...

10)  In doing so they have thrown down the gauntlet to the State, and they constitute a real and imminent danger to the peace ...

11)  But since they have thrown down the gauntlet, I think you should fight to clear your name.

12)  Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim has again thrown down the gauntlet, challenging Prime Minister Naji Abdul Razak to an open debate.

13)  Now that Kelly Handsome has thrown down the gauntlet, will the recipients of his grouse respond by picking up the challenge?

14)  ... were loaded, the walls are up, and both brothers have thrown down the gauntlet. That's very likely, since we know the confrontation can has been kicked.

15)  And companies that challenge both the world and themselves by throwing down the gauntlet are winning the admiration of consumers soured by doubletalk and bafflegab.

16)  You can hardly blame Labour for throwing down the gauntlet and forcing Cameron to deliver for Clegg for once. 

17)  When Richard kicked off discussions I was the first to speak, throwing down the gauntlet immediately by challenging the BBC's right to charge a licence fee.

18)  Still, Corona has succeeded in throwing down the gauntlet. The challenge is now before the public and not just the Senate. 

19)  It's not something where people are throwing down the gauntlet, but I think Panetta comes pretty close to sending a clear warning ...

20)  By throwing down the gauntlet with allegations of IP violations, Microsoft will now be hounded by all interested parties.