to tick off (people)

Idiom Definition

"to tick off"

to irritate - to upset - to reprimand - to rebuke

Idiom Definition - to tick off

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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to tick off

Two businessmen are talking in an office one morning ...

Businessman 1:  You're looking a little upset.

Businessman 2:  You wouldn't believe what happened on my way into the office this morning.

Businessman 1:  Actually, I think I can guess because it happened to me last week.

Businessman 2:  It really ticks me off when the automatic sprinkler goes off when I'm walking by.

Businessman 1:  It's enough to irritate anyone.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to tick off

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  How's everything?

Friend 2:  Not so good. My mother is quite upset with me.

Friend 1:  What happened.

Friend 2:  I forgot to buy some ingredients she needed for cooking for an important dinner party she was giving. As a result, the party was runied and my mother gave me a good ticking off.

to tick off - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   550   click for frequency by country

to tick off - Gerund Form:

Ticking off your boss is not a good idea.

to tick off - Examples:

1)  By now you've got ticked off by advertising and direct response programs that didn't pay-off. 

2)  Last year, when the EPA proposed a new air-pollution limit, Obama ticked off environmentalists by killing it on the grounds that it might jeopardize the recovery. 

3)  They were livid, they were ticked off, because Obama didn't do diddly-squat in the first debate.

4)  Nick Faldo and his caddy were really ticked off about something, apparently, his swing wasn't working "right".

5)  Quite a lot of animals in Greek myth were actually humans who ticked off the gods and were transformed into beasts.

6)  Whenever someone feels compelled to steal your content it does cause you to get "ticked off ".

7)  Now they've both done something severe enough to tick off Fisher -- who does not tick off easily. 

8)  You can't tick off half of the country and be on top.

9)  This is some crazy javascript that can really tick off your users.

10)  Disney makes some movies available once a generation or so? Does this tick off consumers?

11)  I'm wondering what Bluemthal did to tick off the paper, policy-wise or personally. 

12)  You're wasting your money and ticking off your customer. 

13)  I would give the young thief a ticking off, a caution and a second chance.

14)  Those filmed breaking the rules will be given a ticking off.

15)  I had to give him rather a ticking off -- such a filthy habit, you know. 

16)  I would trade a winning coach that ticks off the media over a losing coach who is polite any day.

17)  The long queue for the actual recording of the data ticks off the residents. 

18)  You might do things that are harmless but ticks off his jealousy, like not answering your phone when he calls.

19)  He says he sometimes ticks off environmentalists by acknowledging their worldview as an afterthought instead of up front.

20)  A very dangerous situation because he will have nothing to lose if he ticks off the voters.