Time's up.

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - time's up

"Time's up."

There is no more time available.


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - time's up

A professor is giving an exam ...

Professor:  OK everyone. That's the one hour for the exam finished. Please put down your pens and pencils.

StudentTime's up already?

Professor:  Yes.  Hand in your exams.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - time's up

A boss and an employee are talking ...

Employee:  I'm not quite finished the report, boss.

Boss:  I'm afraid that you've had one week to finish and now the deadline is here.  Time's up!  I need the report now.

Employee:  Sorry.

Time's up. - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,471   click for frequency by country

Time's up. - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for Time's up.

Time's up. - Examples:

1)  They say go and you type with all of your might until time's up.

2)  Speak calmly and quietly, but insist that when time's up, time's up.

3)  If he's got no letter by now then the time's up. The police have 14 days the get the letter to you, ...

4)  Time's up! We've reached the four o'clock deadline for school reporters to publish ...

5)  I like the lad, but time's up. It is high time Chelsea do away with old players which ...

6)  There was the time's up warning in the shape of a low flying plane.

7)   Time's up! Just do it!

8)  A fascinating ride it's been but time's up. In due course I expect we'll explain things further. 

9)  Distract yourself by going for a run or writing down your feelings. When the time's up, see if you can extend it by another 15 minutes.

10)  ... yourself with your phone alarm. When it goes off, stop reading, your time's up.

11)  The guy in the tie hand-signalling 'five minutes to time's up' when we've only just got started?

12)  They'll expect you to tell them when the time's up or to go and find them to bring them back.

13)  ... to a minute or two but again, read her signals to see if time's up

14)  Sorry, Time's up! Winners announced below.

15)  Nothing crazy, maybe just replace the "time's up" bell with a drill sound.

16)  'Now sir, I must really ask you to go now, time's up,' he said firmly.

17)  They have had their time to lead. Time's up. I'm tired of waiting for them to live up to obligations ...

18)  I know you don't want to "negotiate in the media," but time's up. Open the doors of your closed-door meetings, stream your bargaining sessions ...

19)  I've thought about it, weighed my options and considered the differences. Time's up.

20)  They're there to tell bakers when their time's up.