to tip the waiter

Idiom Definition

"to tip the waiter"

to give money, as a gift for good service, to the person who serves you in a restaurant

Idiom Definition - to tip the waiter


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to tip the waiter

Ned and Grace are just finishing their meal at a local restaurant ...

Grace:  Did you enjoy your meal?

Ned:  It was very good.  The service was excellent!

Grace:  Good!  Then make sure you tip the waiter a least 15%

Ned:  Yes, dear.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to tip the waiter

Should you tip the waiter if poor service is given?

No, you shouldn't tip the waiter for poor service.


Is it appropriate to tip the waiter at a fast food restaurant?

It is not usually appropriate to tip the waiter at a fast food restaurant.


to tip the waiter - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   12   click for frequency by country

to tip the waiter - Gerund Form:

Tipping the waiter can be considered obligatory if good service is given.

to tip the waiter - Examples:

1)  I tip my waiter when the waiter gives good service.

2)  You tip your waiter when the waiter is friendly.

3)  He tips his waiter when he eats at a fancy restaurant.

4)  She always tips her waiter 10% of the bill.

5)  We tip our waiter when our waiter gives fast service.

6)  You (all) tip your waiter when your waiter explains the menu thoroughly.

7)  They tip their waiter when it is appropriate.

8)  He has been tipping the waiter at this restaurant since he began to eat here.

9)  She was tipping the waiter at the restaurant last night when the lights went out.

10)  You are going to be tipping the waiter tomorrow during lunch.

11)  Sometimes he makes me think, How much should I tip the waiter to deal with this mess?

12)  I heard a man say once, 'Well I tip the waiter 15 per cent, how can I give God any less'?

13)  I'll see you later - hey don't forget to tip the waiter.

14) Customers unsure of whether to actually tip the waiter in addition to paying this extra charge. 

15) If really can not for the life of you figure out how much to tip the waiter without consulting your phone, then you really have a problem. 

16) He had a huge wad of money and was asking his girlfriend how much to tip the waiter

17)  I will tip the waiter appropriately for the service they give

18)  Tip your waiter to show your appreciation.

19) Tip your waiter or waitress 15 percent of the pre-tax bill. 

20)  Whatever you do, remember to tip your waiter well.