the tipping point

Idiom Definition

"the tipping point"

the point when a number of small changes become sufficient enough to cause a large change

Idiom Definition - the tipping point


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - the tipping point

Two parents are talking about their teenage daughter ...

Mother: Our daughter's behavior is getting worse and worse.

Father:  I've noticed a lot of little changes for the worse.  She's breaking curfew more often, not doing her homework as regularly as she used to and not keeping her room clean.

Mother:  I'm worried that all these little changes are a signal that we're going to reach the tipping point where we'll lose control altogether.

Father:  Then we had better do something, I suppose.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - the tipping point

Two businesswomen are talking ...

Businesswoman 1:  We seem to be experiencing an ongoing decline in sales.

Businesswoman 2:  I agree. Over the past couple of years there have been small drops in sales every quarter.

Businesswoman 1:  Right. And that has caused us to cut our advertising little by little which has caused further decreases in sales.

Businesswoman 2:  I'm afraid that we're soon going to hit the tipping point that will put us out of business.

the tipping point - Usage:


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the tipping point - Gerund Form:

Reaching the tipping point of a critical negotiation, the deal was made.

the tipping point - Examples:

1)  One of the issues that needs to be carefully assessed is whether the tipping point can be reversed and whether America can be fundamentally restored.

2)  In different systems, Scheffer explained, the time between the slowing down and the tipping point varies.

3)  We are right at the tipping point for the media industry.

4)  According to a new report from Nielsen, the US passed the tipping point in March, with 50.4 percent of mobile subscribers now sporting a smartphone.

5)  No civilization has ever escaped from or reversed this trend once the tipping point is reached.

6)  Actually, we recently passed the tipping point where more people are emigrating from the U.S. to Mexico than immigrating from Mexico.

7)  We may well look on today's ruling as the tipping point toward the Next Healthcare, the moment that the pins were finally knocked out.

8)  As we have argued, uncertainty may be contributing to the shift in the tipping point.

9) You may call it the tipping point or the point of no return. 

10)  It all depends on how fast you're going. The tipping point is 60 mph.

11)  He explains and analyzes studies of human behavior to conclude to several rules about the tipping point of products.

12)  The pastor actually reviled believers who did not speak in tongues. That was the tipping point in my walk and shortly after that, my wife and I left that church.

13)  Do we continue to march on to the tipping point of victory, or do we give up and die.

14)  Our once great nation has long passed the tipping point and has been in a death spiral since long before Obama's election.

15) We crossed the tipping point of takers vs makers and will never come back. 

16)  We are reaching the tipping point where the majority of Americans are recipients of government programs.

17)  As is popular today, I have considered when the tipping point will come, a time after which there is no real fix.

18)  We are going to look back and see that this was the tipping point of a very deep secular trend.

19)  Rising interest rates, albeit still at extremely low levels, was the tipping point that led to the switch to large caps.

20)  Each of these groups alone is potentially large enough to achieve the tipping point of consumer rejection of GMOs in our entire US food supply.