tire kicker

Idiom Definition

"tire kicker"

a person who expresses an interest in something, takes up a lot of time inspecting, talking and examining and then never follows through

Idiom Definition - tire kicker


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - tire kicker

Two store clerks are talking ...

Clerk 1: Do you want to take care of that customer?

Clerk 2: Not really. I know him. He comes in a spends a lot of time asking questions and then never buys anything.

Clerk 1: Oh, he's a tire kicker?

Clerk 2: Yes. Don't waste your time with him.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - tire kicker

Two businessmen are talking ...

Businessman 1: How are you doing with that big sale you've been working on?

Businessman 2: I've spent endless hours with the prospective customer and given countless product demonstrations and still no sale.

Businessman 1: Sounds like you've got a tire kicker.

Businessman 2: I don't understand.

Businessman 1: The customer will just waste your time and never buy anything.

tire kicker - Usage:


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tire kicker - Gerund Form:

Being a tire kicker just wastes everyone's time.

tire kicker - Examples:

1)  You have to open your door or run home from work to show a tire kicker your house. How many strangers do you get involved with that have NO INTENTIONS of buying?

2)  Crush it with network marketing, or whether your a nay sayer and or a tire kicker, or even if you have what it takes to elevate you and your family, go for it.

3)  2. How to get that traffic to be something other than a tire kicker and actually buy products.

4)  ... without ever pestering your family or friends or making an outbound cold call to tire kicker, ...

5)  FREE leads to get you going, not just MLM? tire kicker? leads, but leads of other business minded individuals and active marketers.

6)  ... how to get free leads for your home based business, that are not tire kicker but actual active marketers and people proven to join these types of businesses, ...

7)  There's nothing worse than a tire kicker.

8)  A well written auto responder series will turn a tire kicker or a casual visitor into a customer that is profitable for you.

9)  It's the difference between a successful blog and being another tire kicker.

10)  A tyre kicker (a potential customer with no commitment to the purchase at that time --

11)  ... distressed seller i.e. bank in possession probate/divorce vendor is clearly more motivated than some tyre kicker looking to upsize on the back of a windfall bonus or ...

12)  If you are a tyre kicker, or want someone to do the heavy lifting for you, go elsewhere.

13)  ... and effort into something that you are unlikely to land, but identifying a tyre kicker from a real opportunity isn't always easy and we've definitely been wrong on ...

14)  ... can't see and a home buyer's survey turns you from being a tyre kicker into something a lot more. 

15)  Tire kickers will waste your time.

16)  Today's tire kicker looked and looked and took up too much time and then didn't buy anything.

17)  Was she a tire kicker or was she really going to buy a pair of shoes?

18)  They seem interested in the idea and asked for the proposal but I think they are just tire kickers.

19)  How many times have you seen that tire kicker in the lot?

20)  Clerks will learn to identify tire kickers and then not bother wasting their time.