to toe the mark

Idiom Definition

"to toe the mark"

to conform to and follow the rules and regulations

Idiom Definition - toe the mark


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - toe the mark

You and your boss have been having an argument all week about a certain procedure at work.  You believe the procedure should be changed but your boss insists that the procedure will not change.

If you do not toe the mark and follow the rules, you will be in trouble.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - toe the mark

Johnny and his mother have been arguing about how messy Johnny's room is.  There is a house rule that everyone should keep their rooms neat and tidy.  Johnny's mother tells Johnny that ...

if Johnny does not toe the mark and clean his room, she will take away his video games until he cleans his room.

to toe the mark - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   11   click for frequency by country

to toe the mark - Gerund Form:

Toeing the mark can mean following orders even if you think they are wrong.

to toe the mark - Examples:

1)  Why would Republicans toe the mark to their demise simply because of party affiliation?

2)  It took my dad a while to work out I wasn't going to toe the mark.

3)  To nab the attention of customers toggling between screens, advertisers frequently toe the mark between inappropriate and outrageous.

4)  Costume designers must be careful to toe the mark between over designing and leaving too much up to an actor.

5) The women had to toe the mark and pass the tests just the same as the men. 

6)  We would not be prosecuted as long as we toe the mark.

7)  The Fed has plenty of legal and regulatory tools to make the banks toe the mark.

8)  All Philippines has to do is to toe the mark. Economic grants have been given and will still be given.

9)  We need a threat to make them toe the mark.

10)  He needed them to toe the mark and bring their cars home.

11)  Do we toe the mark of a century-old model for scientific communication and review?

12)  So, your example of where some members of your tribe won't toe the mark with PZ involves video games and whether they're art, huh?

13)  These type are never rehabilitated. They just toe the mark until they are freed into society again.

14)  At the end of the day, she'll come toe the mark, because you can make her life exquisitely hellish.

15)  It raises the serious question of whether Canada will simply toe the mark set by U.S. security agencies.

16)  Both sides are content to sit and play to the press, to toe the mark and tell the public that it's not their fault.

17)  Otherwise, we get journalists that toe the mark and regurgitate statements and press-releases without questioning.

18)  In his insistent individuality and refusal to toe the mark, Boris unsettles the Cameroons - with good reason.

19)  Only when he refused to toe the mark did you turn on him.

20)  Threaten civil servants, artists and academics with job loss if they don't toe the mark.