to toss your hat in(to) the ring

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - toss your hat in the ring

"to toss your hat in(to) the ring"

to announce your intention of entering a competition or election


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - toss your hat in the ring

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: I see that the position of manager is going to be opening up.

Colleague 2: Are you going to toss your hat into the ring?

Colleague 1: I feel ready for the role of manager. I have built up some good experience and think that I may have a good chance to win the promotion. And you? Are you going to apply?

Colleague 2: Not this time. There is fat too much competition.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - toss your hat in the ring

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: I have always been interested in local politics. I think I am going to file nomination papers for the upcoming election.

Friend 2: Good for you to do your civic duty and run for public office. When will you toss your hat in the ring?

Friend 1: Just as soon as I can get all the papers in order and file them with the county clerk.

Friend 2: I will most certainly vote for you.

Friend 1: Thanks. Every vote counts. I sure hope I can get enough to win.

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to toss your hat in(to) the ring - Usage:


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to toss your hat in(to) the ring - Gerund Form:

Tossing her hat in the ring, she announced she would be running for the position of mayor.

to toss your hat in(to) the ring - Examples:

1)  Many believed Pearce would toss his hat into the ring to become the permanent boss.

2)  ... is preparing to toss his hat into the ring as a prospective Tory candidate.

3)  ... WBC lightweight title with a dominant performance over tough Mexican Antonio DeMarco to toss his hat into the ring as the next pound for pound star.

4)  One question is, why has it taken him this long to finally toss his hat into the ring for the leadership role? 

5)  After consideration, I've decided that I'm going to toss my hat in the ring and run for the office of President of the Moon Society.

6)  ... a manager keen to find an in to English football to toss his hat in the ring for the soon to be vacant Manchester United job.

7)  ... a Ryder Cup appearance between them, Wood is another rookie poised to toss his hat in the ring for the biennial event against America.

8)  If Laloo is to be believed, he will toss his hat in the ring in a bid to settle scores with the Union minister.

9)  China is favourite to claim the post full-time, and he appeared to toss his hat in the ring when announcing the vote on Thursday.

10)  ... 3 goals in a game. He's been a rock and has tossed his hat into the ring for a chance at representing Canada at the WJC's.

11)  The moment I heard that John Gakuo had tossed his hat into the ring in the race for Nairobi governor, I went out and registered to vote.

12)  Rumor became the fact on Thursday when Alex Greenwich tossed his hat into the ring to contest the Sydney by-election as an Independent.

13)  Controversial former fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar tossed his hat into the ring on Friday to become Pakistan's next bowling coach. 

14)  When Pearson decided to resign, Turner quickly tossed his hat into the ring and in an exciting and tense leadership race lost to Trudeau.

15)  ... his win in Daegu last year, set a new stadium record and tossed his hat into the ring as a serious contender for the Olympic 100 metres title.

16)  When the CEO post opened up, he tossed his hat into the ring. But Carvallo later chose to withdraw when he realized he lacked ...

17)  ... he wanted to make absolutely sure that it got made, so he tossed his hat into the ring and offered his services as producer. 

18)  If you don't toss your hat in the ring, you will never be noticed.

19)  Think you want that management job? Before you toss your hat in the ring, make sure you've thought through what it really means to ...

20)  Everyone knows, the minute you toss your hat in the ring for public office, you compromise your principals.