(to be) tough as nails

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - tough as nails

"(to be) tough as nails"

to be stern and unforgiving;

to be strong and determined;

to be unsympathetic


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - tough as nails

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Is your brother coming home tomorrow?

Colleague 2:  Yes.  I'm very excited to see him.

Colleague 1:  Did the boss give you the day off so that you can meet your brother at the airport?

Colleague 2:  No.

Colleague 1:  I've heard of the boss being unsympathetic but that is being completely tough as nails.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - tough as nails

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  How is your son?

Friend 2:  He's getting better. After six weeks in bed from a football injury, I think he will be ready to go back to school next week.

Friend 1:  Is it going to be difficult for him to catch up with his schoolwork?

Friend 2:  It may be a challenge but my son is tough as nails. I am sure he will work hard and graduate with his class.

(to be) tough as nails - Usage:


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(to be) tough as nails - Gerund Form:

Being tough as nails, the police officer denied the request for only giving a warning and gave the motorist a ticket.

(to be) tough as nails - Examples:

1)  ... wondering why I'd ever left New York, a city with a reputation for tough as nails cynicism but where the people I knew were lit up with easy generosity and ...

2)  I try to be flexible. And I don't want to be tough as nails. But I am offended by its exploitation for marketing purposes.

3)  It's not like the political process couldn't benefit from real tough as nails accounting and data-driven skepticism.

4)  If you get a pleasure in doing things yourself or you're just a bit tough as nails when it comes to asking for help, ...

5)  Psychopaths are completely driven by their own tough as nails self-interest. Though they may feign concern for others, appearing warm, considerate and ...

6)  Nice guy? Seriously? He is a tough as nails right wing opportunist who, ...

7)  The tea party has done its job, and for all practical purposes its tough as nails, no-compromise ideology now controls the Republican Party ...

8)  ... if Strobel is to play the part of the skeptical, tough as nails reporter, he shouldn't let contradictions pass without exploration.

9)  Which is really all I know about him. He may be tough as nails or a soft touch. He may be a stickler for the rules or willing ...

10)  ... but the governor has been equally tough as nails in opposing their proposed budget cuts.

11)  ... people who have both the ardor of their liberal convictions and a tough as nails take on reality.

12)  To illegalize behavior is the lowest form of addressing problems. This tough as nails approach to dealing with human issues is the conservative approach and it makes for a ...

13)  Some people in the prison are really tough as nails, really skeptical.

14)  This is the result of tough as nails investigative reporting by a team of CBS news journalists, ...

15)  ... next wave of global growth. An increasing number of companies known for their tough as nails approach to business -- such as Google, IBM, Intel, Johnson & Johnson ...

16)  While many questioned her tough as nails tactics as a corporate infighter, as well as some of her decisions, ...

17)  For his foes, he is combative, belligerent, pugnacious, intimidating, tough as nails and bombastic.

18)  Things began getting ugly, even by the tough as nails standards of Maryland party politics.

19)  They were powerful enough to bring this often tough as nails corporate officer to tears.

20)  Claims in this area are often based on wishful thinking rather than a tough as nails sense of what's practical.