tough call

Idiom Definition

"tough call"

a difficult decision to make

Idiom Definition - tough call


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - tough call

Two businessmen are talking ...

Businessman 1:  So, are you going to change the pricing structure in the hopes that you will keep our biggest customer?

Businessman 2:  I'm not sure what to do.  If we change our prices for one customer and our other customers find out, they'll want the new pricing too.

Businessman 1:  You have a very difficult decision to make.

Businessman 2:  Yes.  It's a tough call.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - tough call

Two women are talking as they shop...

Woman 1:  Well, which dress are you going to buy?

Woman 2:  I really like both of them.

Woman 1:  Can you afford both dresses?

Woman 2: No.

Woman 1:  Then you have a difficult decision to make.

Woman 2:  Yes, it's a tough call.

tough call - Usage:


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tough call - Gerund Form:

Making a tough call requires careful consideration and bravery.

tough call - Examples:

1)  Tough call to make any smart decision here.

2)  Dismantling the PA is a tough call because there are so many interests involved.

3)  So its kind of a tough call, but definitely something that needs looking into, and definitely an impressive idea.

4)  He sees some ambiguity in the recent employment data that makes it an especially tough call as to whether " the job market is making progress toward full employment".

5)  Mad respects for making a tough call and showing that we're serious about cleaning up our act.

6)  This is a tough call. Because often if you rush or pressure your husband, the result is bad.

7)  And we made a tough call for what we think is the right reason.

8)   I've yet to hear an executive say he made a tough call too soon.

9)   Congratulations on making a tough call.

10)  Switching networks is either entirely unreasonable or a very tough call for most people.

11)  I'll say this on the female sexuality issue: its always been a tough call in comics.

12)  Otherwise we're just looking at a really tough call that was technically called correct.

13)  Even with all of that information available, it's still a tough call.

14)  Giving The Living Room a two-star rating instead of three was a tough call.

15)  In terms of clarity and sharpness, it's a tough call.

16) Wow! Consciously staying single is a tough call.

17)  This may be a tough call but this is their job.

18)  For freshly minted divorces, dating after divorce can be a tough call.

19)  One would imagine it was a tough call whether to place Pedro with the Expos or with the Boston Red Sox.

20)  It's going to be a tough call to choose between the vice presidential debate or the Steelers game.