to track down

Idiom Definition

"to track down"

to find or discover someone or something

Idiom Definition - to track down


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to track down

A manager is talking to one of his employees ...

Manager:  Have you found that report I asked for?

Employee:  Not yet.  I have asked all my co-workers.  I'm going to go to the archives room in a minute.

Manager:  I really need that report.

Employee:  No problem.  I will definitely track it down.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to track down

Two friends are talking about their friend Bob who is on a trip in Europe ...

Friend 1:  What are we going to do?  Bob's grandmother has died and we need to notify him.

Friend 2:  Well, we have his itinerary.  I suppose we can make some calls and see if we can find him.

Friend 1:  Yes, we really need to track him down.

to track down - Usage:


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to track down - Gerund Form:

Tracking down an old friend can be a rewarding experience.

to track down - Examples:

1)  The solution is to track down who has the offending hardware and see if they would be willing to exchange it.

2)  I must track down his swim coaches and thank them.

3)  And it didn't take much to track down the source as Swami Sivananda.

4)  You should actually make an effort to track down James Landrith and get to know him.

5)  But who has time to track down hard-to-find ingredients and whip up labor-intensive recipes every day?

6)  My brother, on the other hand, would track down Mom and ask her for a snack.

7)  We get this question fairly often and have been trying to track down the origin of the saying, but alas, with no luck.

8)  Mac: It took me a while to track down your number. 

9)  And now I realize I really miss Thao, and I need to track down her email/postal address.

10)  I was able to track down the new owner of my .com domain and have nearly completed the transaction.

11)  It should not be too difficult although perhaps time consuming to track down the criminal(s) behind this.

12)  They want their money, and when faced with the choice between tracking down the real criminal or just prosecuting you, which is cheaper and easier?

13)  It was put together and edited by Charles Ardai -- who spent nine years tracking down the title and securing its publication rights.

14)  They couldn't get this guy fast enough with an all-points bulletin in tracking down and arresting him.

15)  Recruiters love LinkedIn. It's becoming their favorite way of tracking down great job candidates.

16)  While Henry was at work one day, bounty hunters tracked down his family.

17)  I tracked down our halloween costumes from each year to show the evolution of costumes.

18)  The New York Daily News tracked down her father, Paul Krantz, in Bismarck, North Dakota.

19)  It showcased a friendly, benign person who didn't mind being tracked down. But others aren't quite so clean.

20)  This spring, I tracked down a couple of the people I had met while working on my 2001 book.