to trip up

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - trip up

"to trip up"

1) to falter or make a mistake or cause to falter or make a mistake, especially when speaking, thinking or performing some action

2) to stumble or fall or cause to stumble or fall, especially from foot entanglement


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - trip up

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: How prepared are you for your presentation?

Colleague 2: Super prepared. I've been over it at least twenty times and have it memorized perfectly.

Colleague 1: Are you prepared for the questions that the audience may ask?

Colleague 2: Oh. I had not really thought about that. I suppose someone could ask me something I was not prepared for and really trip me up. I would look stupid and all my hard work on the presentation would be for nothing.

Colleague 1: So, think of all the questions people might ask and be preapred to answer them and then nothing can happen that would cause you to falter.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - trip up

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: Why are you limping?

Friend 2: I was rushing around the house this morning and got tripped up on a carpet and fell down.

Friend 1: Couldn't quite coordinate your feet?

Friend 2: They got on the edge of the carpet.

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to trip up - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   2,130   click for frequency by country

to trip up - Gerund Form:

Tripping him up is easy because he is easily flustered when public speaking.

to trip up - Examples:

1)  I created cudgel-wielding mounted units with massive, swirling cloaks that would almost definitely trip up their steeds as they charged into battle.

2)  ... individualism vs communalism, how negatives are expressed, even differences in technological savvy trip up collaboration, even with shared goals.

3)  ... they've already been told is on the way when it CAN be released without tripping up the investigation. The information they keep insisting he release is READY FOR RELEASE.

4)  He is too nice, and thereby we want him to trip up so we can feel better. We want him to be revealed as a fake.

5)  She got tripped up in the language over the Commerce Clause, which the court found to be ...

6)  See who impresses the judges and who trips up in the auditions from Dallas and New York.

7)  These are questions that are rarely asked, and when they are, they often trip up storage vendors. 

8)  ... people skills and no principals whatsoever and his running mate is a sniveling weasel getting tripped up over his lies.

9)  However despite these superficial accuracies, the novel is ultimately tripped up by the banal.

10)  ... stop smoking, we'll show you how to deal with the very things that trip up so many people when they try to quit smoking.

11)  ... the hurdles it faces on the road to reality are the same as those that tripped up a number of proposed oilsands upgraders over the years.

12)  ... the unexpected and the overlooked are key. You may get tripped up by what you didn't see coming, and this can include the revelation ...

13)  ... but assuming you can do things quickly is usually the problem that trips up most plans and projects.

14)  It twined its many heads around the hero and tried to trip him up.

15)  I know what I want to happen, but the opening scenes keep tripping me up. So how am I battling this nonproductive obsession? 

16)  Sounds intuitive, but I could see where it might trip someone up (there's so many places that problems hide.

17)  ... piece of equipment, like a chin strap or an axle, to malfunction, trip someone up at a crucial point.

18)  ... a sincere interest in discovering who you are. Their questions are not designed to trip you up, but to draw you out. The opportunity to discuss your ideas ...

19)  ... when it rained the staples were always falling out and the wire falling down and tripping people up.

20)  ... my board stuck to the what I thought was snow and almost got tripped me up too.