to turn a blind eye

Idiom Definition

"to turn a blind eye (on/to something)"

to make a conscious effort to not see something, usually something one would rather not see because it would require an effort, which one does not wish to make, to look after the situation

Idiom Definition - to turn a blind eye


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to turn a blind eye

Two friends are passing a beggar as they walk down a street ...

Friend 1:  Don't you think it's sad when people don't have a home?

Friend 2:  What do you mean?

Friend 1:  Didn't you see the beggar sitting in the doorway?

Friend 2:  No.  I usually just turn a blind eye to that sort of thing.  It is too depressing to think about.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to turn a blind eye

Two developing world farmers are talking about a farmer friend of theirs ...

Farmer 1: Did you hear what happened to Ignacio?

Farmer 2:  What happened?

Farmer 1:  He isn't farming anymore.  The government decided to appropriate his land for some kind of mining operation.

Farmer 2:  Wasn't there anything Ignacio could do?  What about his rights?

Farmer 1:  The government turns a blind eye to people's rights when it comes to progress.

to turn a blind eye - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   4,362   click for frequency by country

to turn a blind eye - Gerund Form:

Turning a blind eye can sometimes save you a lot of trouble.

to turn a blind eye - Examples:

1)  Yet Dworkin and other liberals still blast Palin and the tea party and turn a blind eye to what Obama is doing.

2)  First off, the mere existence of laws that turn a blind eye to -- and even enable -- such heinous crimes are downright embarrassing.

3)  You always turn a blind eye to your own black sheep in favor of criticizing the other guys.

4)  While criticizing President George W. Bush, Democrats turn a blind eye to the failures of the Democrats running the city of New Orleans.

5)  They will no longer turn a blind eye, or even support, Israel's occupation and siege across the Occupied Palestinian.

6)  If you ever notice this happening, don't turn a blind eye: trust your gut. You probably already know that something is up.

7)  They must operate somewhere that law enforcement is willing to turn a blind eye to their activities.

8)  I know there are plenty of parents who turn a blind eye to their partner's ill treatment of their child.

9)  All the business that is lost in America and we turn a blind eye, why make a big deal now?

10)  Let others suffer under their oppression so long as we can turn a blind eye, for the sake of peace you know.

11)  If you allow boxers to pay the ref or judges to turn a blind eye or bend the rules, the winner is no longer the better boxer.

12)  It's incredible how some people turn a blind eye to their own countries' woes.

13)  I agree that God NEVER removes himself from his people - the people turn a blind eye to HIS truth.

14)  Naysayers are the worst kind of ostriches thinking that if they turn a blind eye to the problem it will go away.

15)  Sure, we can turn a blind eye as we did with housing but this bubble is going to burst.

16)  Federal authorities have been clear they will not turn a blind eye toward states attempting to trump those laws.

17)  It's that much easier for us to turn a blind eye to things that happen in real life isn't it?

18)  Are you going to turn a blind eye to this President snuffing out anyone who dares to point out corruption?

19)  I guess they can afford to turn a blind eye when it comes to their advertising profits from alcohol industry.

20)  It so much easier to turn a blind eye towards sin of others, and to not relationally rock the boat.