to turn off

Idiom Definition 1

"to turn off"

to deactivate

Idiom Definition - to turn off


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Idiom Definition 2

"to turn off"

to disgust

Idiom Definition - to turn off


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to turn off

Two workers are about to go home for the day ...

Worker 1: Ready to go?

Worker 2:  Yes, just need to do our part to conserve energy.

Worker 1:  How's that?

Worker 2:  I want to make sure all the lights are turned off.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to turn off

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Did you enjoy that TV program we watched last night?

Friend 2:  Not really. There was way too much violence. It was disgusting!

Friend 1:  I didn't know that violence turns you off.

to turn off - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   28,769   click for frequency by country

to turn off - Gerund Form:

Turning off your television and reading a book is a great idea.

THISIDIOM - Examples:

1)  His wife Ann revealed on national TV that Mitt would often turn off the pilot-light on their water heater before they went out for dinner.

2)  STEP ONE: Turn off email notifications.

3)  The unit will reach the desired temperature, and then turn off.

4)  Make it quiet. Turn off the TV, mute your computer, put your cellphone on vibrate.

5)  You should probably turn off the " auto-correct " feature in your word processor

6)  Once the water has boiled on medium heat, turn off the heat and cover the eggs.

7)  If you're even slightly serious, you really need to turn off the right-wing radio and open a book.

8)  I was weeping in the empty room, the lights turned off so no one would see me sobbing.

9)  Cell phones have made rudeness socially acceptable. Mine is turned off and in my car most of the time.

10)  The phone is turned off. Do you want to turn it on?

11)  In fact it was such a turn off that I became spiteful

12)  The stupid facial expression and laughter may turn off a few people as were mentioned here.

13)  The $5.00 payment may be a turn off to some. 

14)  I will tell you that my atheist friends are completely turned off by the way they see the Christians of today acting.

15)  This song captures my affection even though at first I was turned off by the tempo.

16)  My only hope is that voters are not turned off by Biden's smirks and derision.

17)  They are turned off by the bellicosity of how Mitt Romney has couched expanding the Pentagon budget. 

18)  They will leave your website) if they're turned off by the color scheme or offended by a glaringly-colored product. 

19)  The limited horizons of the WP turned off many who understood the need for a more action-oriented approach to organizing the workers.

20)  Compromising with evil just turns off those who are already on board. Vote your conscience.