to turn the other cheek

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - turn the other cheek

"to turn the other cheek"

to accept insult or injury without responding


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - turn the other cheek

Two executives are negotiating ...

Executive 1:  Why are you being so stupid?

Executive 2:  I see no need for insults so I will turn the other cheek and continue the negotiation.

Executive 1:  You are such a coward.

Executive 2:  Again, I don't see how insults move our negotiation forward. Let's continue shall we?

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - turn the other cheek

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  I'm not sure how to advise my son when he asks me about being bullied at school. Should I tell him to fight back or turn the other cheek?

Friend 2:  My father taught me to fight back but that just led to endless rounds of retaliation and violence.

Friend 1:  Perhaps I should tell my son to simply not respond then?

Friend 2:  It is a difficult moral dilemma.

to turn the other cheek - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   838   click for frequency by country

to turn the other cheek - Gerund Form:

Turning the other cheek is considered an advanced form of humility.

to turn the other cheek - Examples:

1)  The pacifist ethic to bear insults without complaint and to turn the other cheek is related to the ethic to love one's enemy.

2)  Sure, Jesus said to turn the other cheek, he didn't say you had to blind yourself to the actions of others ...

3)  ... unfortunately, since it's politics, we need not to turn the other cheek when attacked, but respond swiftly, firmly and factually with an equal attack.

4)  ... you'll encounter plenty of things to get angry about. But turn the other cheek?

5)  ... that American policy is to accept a slap in the face and turn the other cheek. The people that planned and conducted this crime are animals, ...

6)  ... love our enemies, do good in response to evil, to turn the other cheek, go the extra mile and to be peacemakers. 

7)  ... needed their jobs very much, and it's very difficult to turn the other cheek and say, sure, take our jobs.

8)  ... is a type of personal insult, so that the command to turn the other cheek is essentially a command not to start trading insults, but take the higher ground ...

9)  My mom use to say " If it is only words turn the other cheek, never start a fight.

10)  ... for yourself helps build your self-worth. Passive people tend to "turn the other cheek" because they feel that they deserve it, ...

11)  ... and was court-martialed for his courage. His instinct wasn't to turn the other cheek, but to face problems head on.

12)  ... any other I have seen and frankly I am not going to turn the other cheek anymore. I am not advocating violence, but I am NOT willing to help ...

13)  BUT I'm willing to play dumb and turn the other cheek and give Microsoft a chance to get on the right track ...

14)  No objectiveness, no principles, and an attitude of' turn the other cheek if it's one of our guys, attack them if they're not.

15)  ... even when they would profit from liberty, cave in and turn the other cheek in order to placate the tyrant and save a few dollars.

16)  ... bad attitude... the deflector of a disgruntled line cook... the turn the other cheek of the arrogant stress of a chef ...

17)  To be docile - to be trampled upon? To turn the other cheek and allow oneself to be injured, raped, pillaged by enemies? 

18)  It isn't healthy to turn the other cheek when those who would "fundamentally transform" your country are on the prowl.

19)  I told my first son not to fight, to turn the other cheek. Then he met a bully that saw that as a challenge. After that ...

20)  ... ask them to explain themselves, they're not so quick to turn the other cheek or explain their 'questionable' actions.