to turn up

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - turn up

"to turn up"

to appear, arrive or come to your attention


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - turn up

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Where's Gina this morning?

Colleague 2:  She didn't turn up for work.

Colleague 1:  She didn't come to work?

Colleague 2:  No. She is not here. She has not arrived.

Colleague 1:  That is highly unusual. Gina never misses work. I hope she is OK.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - turn up

A couple are talking ...

Husband:  Have you seen my car keys? I need to get going.

Wife:  Have you looked in the usual places?

Husband:  I've looked everywhere.

Wife:  Keep looking. They have to turn up somewhere.

Husband:  I need to find them soon or I will be late for work.

to turn up - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   21,991   click for frequency by country

to turn up - Gerund Form:

Turning up late is better than never arriving at all.

Turning up new evidence in a legal case allows new arguments.

to turn up - Examples:

1)  ... was reported missing on the following Monday, 26 September, after he failed to turn up at his base at RAF Honington.

2)  ... going to do this I've got to stop waiting for these other people to turn up and just do it myself.

3)  The facilitator may influence them. Individuals who turn up to focus groups are a particular type of person.

4)  If the remaining viral and bacterial tests fail to turn up anything, investigators will then test the water for ...

5)  He also raised the issue of the potential for the chemical to turn up as a residue in food.

6)  ... as the person who was supposed to take over from me did not turn up for duty until much later. In the end I ended up working 20-hours ...

7)  ... followers have rallied at their mega temple to prevent an arrest each time the police turn up there.

8)  ... was under the influence of a substance that did not readily turn up on laboratory toxicology tests.

9)  ... believes the process will be worthwhile regardless of if huge numbers turn up.

10)  I am not sure how many people will turn up as it coincides with the New Year's celebration.

11)  Many of those who have submitted the form do not turn up for work, so we have to mark them absent. 

12)  ... only for a decent number of them to immediately turn up on a resale site run by the ticket seller.

13)  If he still doesn't turn up, the officials added, the agency will take legal action against him.

14)  That's one of the tricky things about dealing with an elf. They might turn up anywhere, such as in the refrigerator drinking McKamey's lemonade or ...

15)  Raisins also turn up in a lot of baking, and grapes are particularly toxic to many animals.

16)  It could have slipped out of my pocket. I'm still hoping it will turn up as a kind of Christmas miracle. 

17)  We summoned him more than three months ago for inquiries, but he did not turn up despite sending reminders.

18)  ... and are hoping with police and the public's help, the stolen tools will turn up.

19)  The number of patients failing to turn up for arranged hospital admissions has hit its highest level since 2009.

20)  Word goes out that he is filming on the street and hundreds of people turn up.