to turn your stomach

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - turn your stomach

"to turn your stomach"

to be so angry, upset or disgusted that you are sick or nauseous


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - turn your stomach

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Have you heard about these puppy mills in the news?

Friend 2:  What's a puppy mill?

Friend 1:  It's a business where they keep dogs in cages with the sole purpose of breeding puppies.  The dogs never go outside, never go for walks, never get to play and never receive any affection.  It's terribly cruel.

Friend 2:  That really turns my stomach.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - turn your stomach

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  We lost the five-million dollar Harrison account.

Colleague 2:  I thought we had it for sure. We just needed to sign the paperwork.

Colleague 1:  Well, once again our competitor went to Harrison and told him all sorts of lies about our company.

Colleague 2:  And just to get some business? That sort of unscrupulous behavior just turns my stomach.

to turn your stomach - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   265   click for frequency by country

to turn your stomach - Gerund Form:

Turning your stomach, the display of violence was beyond belief.

to turn your stomach - Examples:

1)  There is just something so revolting about this doll that it turns my stomach.

2)  Both attitudes indicate a meanness of spirit that turns my stomach.

3)  It turns my stomach to see fruit and meat and veg, not washed before cooking.

4)  I work in a supermarket and believe me the whole consumer culture turns my stomach.

5)  I could go on but in all honesty, it just turns my stomach. These pay-day loan companies should be banned from Britain Mr Cameron!

6)  This kind of drama turns my stomach... get over yourself lady, every family has issues.

7)  The mere thought of a Big Mac these days turns my stomach, such is my conviction of the positives of a low fat, vegetable rich ...

8)  Other times, the uncertainty turns my stomach over with anxiety.

9)  I can't eat yogurt to this day because the smell of it turns my stomach.

10)  Those poor puppies. The thought of it turns my stomach. Is it that you hate puppy mills? The depravity is overwhelming.

11)  Watching her being so incredibly two faced with Angie turned my stomach.

12)  The thought of our child as an orphan turned my stomach, and I hated myself for even thinking something so selfish.

13)  The sight turned my stomach. I was sick and terrified, but even more frightened of showing it.

14)  To see him dirty, suffering and with that needle between his teeth turned my stomach

15)  ... matter-of-fact narration depicting extreme sexual exploitation of a small child by her mother turned my stomach.

16)  The hypocrisy is enough to turn your stomach.

17)  Doesn't that turn your stomach? While you have the same fascination as you would passing a car wreck, ...

18)  Should the mere mention of his name turn your stomach and raise your blood pressure, please be advised that you are not the first ...

19)  But if the gruel-like substances really turn your stomach, there are ways around it.

20)  Either way, there will be bloodshed that will turn your stomach.