turning point

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Idiom Definition - turning point

"turning point"

a time when an important change occurs


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - turning point

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: What do you see as the major turning point of your career?

Colleague 2: It was definitely when I went back to management school and then got promoted to my first managerial position. After that, I just kept rising up in the ranks and now I am the vice-president of the company.

Colleague 1: So, going back to school was a critical decision.

Colleague 2: It marked the point where my life changed significantly. I would probably still be working away in some menial position if I hadn't.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - turning point

A couple are talking ...

Wife: Nothing will be the same after the baby is born. Our lives will be turned upside-down.

Husband: Without a doubt, this is going to be one of the most significant turning points of our lives.

Wife: We will always talk about our lives using the terms "before baby" and "after baby".

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turning point - Usage:


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turning point - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for turning point.

turning point - Examples:

1)  Chapters 13-14 stand as the key chapters because these chapters record a critical turning point for the nation.

2)  I'll be happy when the turning point is reached and Twitter can take its proper place in the communications stack.

3)  The moment of his conviction marks a turning point, after which he expects ideological considerations to trump the "normal" inferences.

4)  ... fully penetrated society and industry, the Big Data revolution may very well prove a turning point in our economic -- and ultimately, cultural -- history as great as the ...

5)  Mr. Feiffer reached a turning point in his career when he was drafted into the Army during the Korean War.

6)  Walvin concludes that this event, and the public outcry against it, was the turning point that resulted in the end of the slave trade in Britain. 

7)  ... true that Microsoft is going to produce its own tablet, it's a major turning point for the company.

8)  Congratulations! May this be the turning point upon which your life becomes a happy one overall.

9)  The trial, they believe, marks a turning point in Brazil's long history of corruption and impunity. 

10)  Imagine, this is a huge turning point for Iraq -- a major, you know, time line. 

11)  The Titanic' s sinking may have marked the turning point after which everyone (including the British) finally adopted SOS as the primary distress signal.

12)  Associated with agriculture, the summer solstice was a reminder that a turning point in the growing season had been reached.

13)  ... open up the file storage service for free. Smith says this was a key turning point for the company, which began soliciting customers with little sales efforts.

14)  I hope and I believe that this mission will be historic in marking that turning point towards a rapid advancement in space transportation technology.

15)  Everyone agrees this evolutionary turning point, the appearance of animal-type cells in the fossil record happened in the time ...

16)  ... and the extensive publicity which surrounded it has led the trial to be considered a turning point in public awareness of the Holocaust.

17)  He saw our nation at a critical turning point. We could choose one direction or the other.

18)  ... probably know people who never had any doubt about what they should do at major turning points in their lives.

19)  ... historians look back on the history of businesses and other institutions, they often identify turning points or crossroads -- moments when an organization made critical decisions and took, or ...

20)  They are often the turning points, the events around which we find the definition of our lives.