to twist someone around your little finger

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - twist someone around your little finger

"to twist someone around your little finger"

to easily persuade someone to do anything you want because they like you so much


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - twist someone around your little finger

Two soldiers are talking ...

Soldier 1:  Why doesn't private Jones ever have to do the dirty work? She is never on latrine duty and never has to work in the kitchen.

Soldier 2:  I believe it is because she uses her charm and beauty to influence the commanding officer. Private Jones can convince the CO to do just about anything.

Soldier 1:  Must be nice to have the CO twisted around your little finger.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - twist someone around your little finger

Two parents are talking ...

Mother:  What time did you put little Seymour to bed last night?

Father:  I am afraid to tell you. You know our son can be so charming and he kept asking for another story and telling me how much he loved my stories and ...

Mother:  I know that Seymour likes to twist you around his little finger and that you are powerless to resist. Just do try and get him to bed at a reasonable hour next time, OK?

to twist someone around your little finger - Usage:


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to twist someone around your little finger - Gerund Form:

Twisting her new boyfriend around her little finger, she was able to persuade him to drive her across state lines.

to twist someone around your little finger - Examples:

1)  ... to twist everyone around their little finger. Those people do not tend to be good. The ice queen is the worst. She charms like the ringing of snow ...

2)  I watched her twist the justice system around her little finger as if it was a man.

3)  ... history, this sexy siren figure who could twist the world's most powerful men around her little finger. Everyone in the play falls in love with her.

4)  His plan is to buy Bruce's company, then kill him, and Silver is his tool to “twist him around her little finger.”

5)  While Coates could twist Charles around his little finger, to an extent, Johnny posed a new threat for Coate's authority this week. 

6)  Rest assured, the 23-year-old Ferland has been well-versed in how a daughter can twist a father around her little finger.

7)  Ava (Tamara Braun) will continue to sell her sob story and twist the Johnson family around her little finger.

8)  ... delightfully pitch perfect in the way she tackles the role of a bright spark with the ability to twist anybody and everybody around her little finger ...

9)  ... and Woodhead managed to twist the reinvigorated onlookers around his little finger, getting them to chant the track's melody back at him.

10)  Cats may be able to twist their owners around their little finger, ... 

11)  Right from the start it was clear that Passenger knew how to twist an audience around his little finger with his charming jokes and an even more ...

12)  Yep, Dr. K, like his wife before him, allows his son to twist him around his little finger, ...

13)  Every young girl knows how to twist her daddy around her little finger, but what happens when they're all grown up and working together?

14)  ... to a raven-haired vixen learning to play the game of thrones — and twist the cunning Lord Petyr Baelish around her own little finger.

15)  She is a very cheeky girl - I think she knows she can twist us around her little finger!

16)  Nyay is the apple of her dad's eye and knows just how to twist the entire family around her little finger.

17)  He can twist me around his little finger whenever he likes. And I find it almost irresistible not to smother him in kisses at every opportunity.

18)  She's firm but fair, pretty but not provocative, calm yet caring, and proceeds to twist everyone she meets around her little finger with a ...

19)  He could charm anybody: movie stars, whoever. He'd twist people around his little finger

20)  Bacall was nicknamed "The Look" because she was sultry, whippet-thin and could twist men around her little finger.