to twist the knife (in the wound)

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - twist the knife (in the wound)

"to twist the knife (in the wound)"

to deliberately make a painful, shameful or difficult experience worse


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - twist the knife (in the wound)

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I can't believe that you got blamed for the boss's error and then were demoted.

Colleague 2:  It is definitely not fair. And to twist the knife in the wound, the boss has me carrying file boxes from the archives. I have to parade my shame through the office. It is very humiliating.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - twist the knife (in the wound)

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  You look miserable. What's going on?

Friend 2:  My boyfriend announced on Saturday morning that he thought I was getting fat.

Friend 1:  That wasn't nice.

Friend 2:  And to twist the knife, instead of bringing over our usual Saturday-night takeout pizza, he brought salad.

Friend 1:  That's terrible.

to twist the knife (in the wound) - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   103   click for frequency by country

to twist the knife (in the wound) - Gerund Form:

Twisting the knife (in the wound), he not only told her that he was ending the relationship but that he was in love with her best friend.

to twist the knife (in the wound) - Examples:

1)  ... finalists failed to win the mystery star prize, Bowen would twist the knife by declaring, "Let's take a look at what you could have won ...

2)  ...passed over for immigrant workers, by Australian contractors. To twist the knife 20 a year from their London council tax goes to this expensive project. 

3)  ... along with all funding to the libraries in Regina and Saskatoon. To twist the knife, the cutbacks were made retroactive to January 1.

4)  ... lacks innovativeness in the plot, and the unconvincing characterisations twist the knife.

5)  $10 million riverside mansion was flooded in January. To twist the knife, the actor had just completed major renovation works at his ...

6)  ... scored from close range for Dundee after a corner before adding a second to twist the knife.

7)  Such a tragic loss from such a cowardly attack. To twist the knife the attacker in Mt Isa got bail.

8)  are now forced to watch helplessly this despicable man carry on his treachery and to twist the knife tells us that this is their 'good governance'.

9)  ... the future looks bleak for Malaysian sports. To twist the knife, Malaysia failed to meet its seven-gold target.

10)  ... so watching Amazon erect stores in place of those that have closed down will simply twist the knife.

11)  ... still didn't tell him that she and Jef were together so as not to twist the knife, she said.

12)  ... featuring boring rinse and repeat strategies and painfully scripted weak-spots. Just to really twist the knife, players will often need to replay the same sections over ...

13)  The singer went on to twist the knife by choosing the day of their cancelled wedding to announce he was engaged to someone new.

14)  The reality is one rejection can lead to others. To twist the knife, some lenders require an application fee up front.

15)  For them to sort of minimise it like they did is sort of like twisting the knife.

16)  ... wasn't long before Lynne was pregnant. It felt like they were twisting the knife since they'd both known how much I wanted another baby.

17)  ... treated Denise's claims that she was sexually assaulted as false, which is like twisting the knife.

18)  ... wasn't enough, a seemingly unwarranted medical bill that follows may truly feel like twisting the knife.

19)  I think it would be twisting the knife to remind today's team of what happened then.

20)  ... and the idea of a jolly holiday is like twisting the knife when our loved one isn't there.