(to be) under the weather

Idiom Definition

"to be under the weather"

not feeling well, but not very sick;

to be a little ill - with a headache, for example

Idiom Definition - to be under the weather


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to be under the weather

Adam celebrated his birthday last night.  He went out with a few friends and they all hit the bottle.  As a result, Adam is not feeling so well this morning.  One of Adam's friends calls him on the telephone and asks Adam how he is feeling.  Adam replies...

"I'm a little under the weather"

Adam is not incapacitated.  He will still go to work and perform his normal functions.  Adam has a slight headache and his stomach is a little upset.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to be under the weather

Johnny's mother is waking him up for school. Johnny is usually slow to get up but this morning Johnny is very slow to get up and his mother checks his temperature to discover that Johnny is running a fever and is not feeling well. Johnny's mother decides to keep him home from school and see if his conditions become worse. She telephones the school and says...

"Johnny is feeling under the weather this morning.  He will not be attending school today."

to be under the weather - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   472   click for frequency by country

to be under the weather - Gerund Form:

Feeling under the weather is not a pleasant sensation.

Being under the weather is also not a pleasant sensation.

to be under the weather - Examples:

1)  Adding a zinc supplement to your routine while you're under the weather may help you get well faster.

2)  With the recent cold snaps, it is easy to feel under the weather.

3)  On Bridgetta's first official day as co-host, she is under the weather and feeling down after an unusual experience.

4)  Except for feeling under the weather, Vollmer said he is healthy.

5)  What if a girl has the rubella vaccine but happens to be under the weather and the vaccine doesn't take.

6)  I start to get a really bad headache, probably from still being under the weather, and take two Tylenol.

7)  Any person who's feeling a little under the weather knows that some of the best medicine is sympathy.

8)  Forgive the rambling, but I am under the weather, and don't have too much else to do right now.

9)  I've been under the weather with the bug myself since last Sunday.

10)  Chicken Noodle Soup is always comforting when you are under the weather so it was nice to have a low carb version that we could enjoy.

11)  What is your favorite food to eat when you're under the weather?

12)  We save it for days when someone is under the weather or to bring to a sick friend.

13)  He found out that I was under the weather, so he went to the corner restaurant and brought chicken soup.

14)  I've been under the weather, health-wise, and I'm also just getting back from a near-divorce.

15)  I woke up still feeling under the weather.

16)  The water was polluted as hell and he was under the weather for a few days afterwards.

17)  A few short months earlier, feeling under the weather, she had visited the doctor who diagnosed her with cancer.

18)  Laura was feeling under the weather Thursday so I ran for groceries and miracle foods before coming home.

19)  Dad seems to sleep too much and is always under the weather -- is he okay?

20)  I had a most enjoyable time Tuesday night (despite being under the weather).