(to be) up in arms

Idiom Definition

"to be up in arms"

to be very angry (often so angry as to do something in protest)

Idiom Definition - to be up in arms


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to be up in arms

Martha has just arrived at her Houston, Texas office. She can hear all her coworkers yelling and shouting. Martha enters the coffee break room and sees all her coworkers arguing and quite upset. Martha asks,

"Why are you (all) up in arms?"

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to be up in arms

There is an angry mob of people protesting outside the corporate offices of the Pike company. The protesters are carrying signs and shouting slogans like, "Stop abusing the children!" Pike makes running shoes. Pike builds factories in poor countries and then uses children for workers. The children are paid very little money and must work in very bad conditions.

Do you think that the protesters are up in arms?

to be up in arms - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,989   click for frequency by country

to be up in arms - Gerund Form:

Being up in arms about an injustice is fairly common.

to be up in arms - Examples:

1)  It's not just Perry and Abbott who are up in arms. A host of officials have piled on with public attacks on the EPA.

2)  While it was reported that this line got Tom Cruise up in arms, the scene is straight out of the life of L. Ron Hubbard.

3)  Two years ago, groups representing Italian Americans were up in arms over promos for an upcoming series that was seen as perpetuating stereotypes.

4)  This question seems to have everyone up in arms, which I don't quite understand.

5)  A lot of the issues that we Christians get up in arms about make no sense to the regular Joe because it doesn't personally effect them.

6)  I really don't see the cause to get up in arms over it in the political arena.

7)  And now they're up in arms because Obama's not giving them enough meat for their idiotic scandal-mongering?

8)  Before people get all up in arms about my title, hear me out.

9)  I applaud the Catholics who are up in arms over this move to make them compromise their religion and beliefs.

10)  French Catholics are unsurprisingly up in arms, saying the law will lead to incest and polygamy.

11)  Funny how so many people are up in arms about their own privacy, yet think nothing about posting their life on Facebook.

12)  Don't understand why everyone is up in arms about this. Who cares where the clothes came from?

13)  Only fools on the outside looking in were all up in arms. The way some people carried on you would swear it was their relationship.

14)  It seems like it's mostly White folk who get all up in arms about corporal punishment.

15)  Several prominent people are up in arms about Facebook charging for access to users who have already Liked their page.

16)  Also, some are up in arms about her stating that she didn't quit christianity, she quit the church.

17)  I suspect your medical friend would probably be up in arms about the legislative twitch in Kansas which would allow doctors to legally lie to patients.

18)  I thought doctors would be up in arms over politicians forcibly inserting their ideology into doctor's work

19)  The shareholders should be up in arms at the course of action taken by 20th Century FOX.

20)  I just don't feel I have a right to get up in arms unless I educate myself fully on both sides.