(to be) up to par

Idiom Definition

"to be up to par"

to be as good as something or someone needs to be;

to meet a minimum standard or level of quality

Idiom Definition - to be up to par


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to be up to par

Bernie is a student in university. He has been called into his professor's office for a talk about his performance this semester.

Professor:  Hello Bernie. How are you?

Bernie:  Just fine, professor, thank you.

Professor:  Good.   Listen, the reason I asked you to see me today is that I have been reviewing your work for this semester. You have not been doing well, Bernie. You have not turned in two assignments and your test scores have been low.    Your work is just not up to par.  I am worried that you may fail this course.

Bernie:  Wow!  That's not good, sir.  I will work harder and apply myself and improve my work.

Professor:  Excellent, Bernie.  I am sure that you will be back up to par in no time.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to be up to par

James has quit smoking recently.  Since going on the wagon, he likes to keep busy.  Today, James is working in the yard.  He has decided to prune some of the trees that have become very overgrown.  He wants to try out his new tool for cutting tree branches.    James removes the first tree branch.  The branch is cut off reasonably well.  There are only a few ragged edges.  James did not have to use excessive force.  James remarks to himself...

"Not bad!  The performance of my new cutters is up to par!"


to be up to par - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   774   click for frequency by country

to be up to par - Gerund Form:

Being up to par can mean that you are feeling well enough.

to be up to par - Examples:

1) So once again, the CNN report just isn't quite up to par when it comes to accuracy. 

2)  The writing is just not up to par, the characters are unbelievable, and the sex verges on the comical.

3)  There are individuals that are playing up to par, and there's individuals who are underachieving right now.

4)  It was a good video; I think I'm up to par on all of the suggestions.

5)  Say you want out because the service isn't up to par.

6)  You can not have an inexpensive lunch that tastes good and is up to par on health standards.

7)  Sad to say, I've already stopped. The writing was not up to par this season.

8)  I mean this very honestly, that she would assume our intelligence was up to par with her own.

9)  The man described an employee with a disability who was not performing up to par.

10)  Visually the game was up to par, supported by sharp graphics, good artwork and good voice-overs.

11)  Bryant was good, but the material just wasn't up to par.

12)  Of course the source material isn't going to be up to par to experienced writer's material.

13)  The theme review team will take strides in getting themes up to par.

14)  The story is timeless, although the animation isn't what is up to par by today's standards.

15)  But if your tank skills are up to par, one of the coolest spots to scuba dive is the Underwater Museum of Art.

16)  The staff will be working to get them up to par when fall practice starts.

17)  You're simply not up to par, so it's cruel for me to pick on you.

18)  This one really isn't up to par, is he. I'd throw him back.

19)  If the kid is not up to par, there must be a reason.

20)  I have a year left to bring him up to par and after " Education Bootcamp " this summer, hopefully he excels greatly this year.